Love me no more Eps35 (Grand finale) 

Idris had a black hilux packed in front of a fenced complex. 

Solomon stepped out first and he looked across the road. The fence had twisted wires running above it from one end to another. He adjusted his shirt and he crossed the road

 He stood at the other end waiting for Thomas and Solomon to join him.

They approached the complex with Thomas leading the way and soon they were facing a flight of stairs. Non of them complained about the elevator until it was two minutes and the end of the stairs had not seen. 

"I guess this place needs an elevator." Solomon blotted out. 

Thomas voice came up behind him. "That's why we stopped using this place."

They finally stopped climbing, soon they spotted a corridor. It wasn't the first but the only one Thomas had chosen to be right. 

The Corridor was a bit scanty. Every door led to an office and few people where busy standing outside with files and documents. Some windows were shut like they had not been opened for years with dust paintings, while some looked clean.

Thomas stopped in front of the 7thdoor and he pointed to it. 

"This is where we are going."

He withdrew his key out of his pocket and he slide one of it into the lock hole. A little twist and nothing happened. Several twist came later and still the door was standing close. 

"Can we help?" Idris asked. He looked ahead and he smiled seeing Thomas had already stepped out. He rushed at the door with his feet against it and he bounced back. He looked back and he noticed Solomon was moving closer, rolling up his sleeves. 

"Be quiet about this." Thomas said.

"That is not possible." Idris replied. 

Soon the lock was broken and the door was forced opened. Few people were already in the corridor staring angrily but unable to burst. It was no crime someone had his keys misplaced. 

Cobwebs greeted them and all that Thomas could do was part his way towards a large metallic shelf, standing in a corner of the small office. The table was already covered with dust and the rug looked out of place. The paintings hanging on the wall looked scary and no one could guess what had been happening in the office. 

"What did you say you guys do for a living."Solomon asked as he played with the telephone seated on the table.

"Bloggers...We blog and we are into social marketing." Thomas said as he navigated through the large shelf. He came seconds later with an electronic box looking like a printer. He carried it and he laid it on the table. 

Solomon and Idris watched and they planned to propose a question. 

Thomas spent the next second cleaning and adjusting the the box. 

"What's that." Idris asked. 

"It is a receiver. It is connected to our lines, we bought it when we started at first so we could track each other's calls and we don't have to blab on phone."

"You guys don't trust each other?"

"Documentation. That's all...We needed documentation.." Thomas stopped talking, he whirled around and he stared at Idris. 

"It's battery is low. It can't show us anything." Thomas was saying, as he pointed to a rectangular led screen attached to the face of the box. 

"Can someone get a big battery so I can get it fixed and it can show us what we want." 

"Fine, I will go." Solomon said. 

Thomas sat down with the message trapping box and soon Solomon was in with a pack of battery. 

He gave it to Thomas and after a while a connection was made. He wined a thick wire coming off the section linking into the capacitor around the doubled terminals of the lined batteries and he thumbed a button close to the led screen.

"Nine-Thirty" He said as he moved his hands hurriedly against the box. He pushed another button with an arrow and he pinned his lips against each other. 

The battery beeped and he cursed. 

"Get a pen" He yelled. He looked back and Idris was already with a pen and a book. He carried the box up, bringing it up to idris' face.

"Why is the display shaking." Solomon asked. 

"Battery connection. The battery is not connecting well." Thomas replied. 

"I will adjust it now and make sure you write what you see. Use this button to scroll down." 

"What I see!" 

"It is High-tech it auto decodes the voice and it give out put in writings." 

"Ok." Idris replied. 

Thomas re assembled the batteries and he had it connected again. He looked up after a minute, seeing a thumbs up sign from Solomon he scattered the battery. 

"Did you get that." Thomas asked. 

He got a nodded from them both. Idris showed him the paper where they had an the address written and they helped him return the electronic box. 

"So they only gave him an address" Thomas asked.

"Yeah. He must be there with them." Idris replied. 


Yemisi Stood off the settee she was seated on, once she heard the door to the room open up. Tawa was standing in the door way with the door ajar. Yemisi didn't think much before she moved across the room she got closer to Tawa and she got a whisper. 

"I have three of them in one place." Tawa said. 

They both moved across the hallway until they reached it's end and they entered the last room. 

Yemisi walked in and she began with a clap. She could see a lady and two guys tied up and made sit on their legs. They had been blinded with veils and a tape was against their mouth. 

She moved angrily towards Adams and she pulled off his veil. She went for his mouth and she untapped him. Adams screamed and before he could create an alarm Yemisi's slapped him. 

"So you could do this to me." She cried. 

"Baby no.. It's not that."

"It's not what you think."

"I know." Yemisi said gently. She moved back and she collected a gun from one of the guys standing. 

"Cut them loose." Yemisi ordered. Tawa stood in one corner as she watched the whole scene unfold. 

Two men approached Issac and Adams and they cut them loose. Isaac broke free and he rushed towards Tina while Adams moved forward standing in Yemisi's way. 

"Don't do this." Adams cried as he watched the terror in Yemisi eyes. He watched her hands go against the trigger and he could hear Tina mop behind me. 

"Don't you dare touch her." Isaac said and he moved forward. He was swift and quick. Adams watched Yemisi raised up the gun towards Tina and Isaac moved backward to cover up Tina before it got late. 

A low pitched sound went off as Yemisi lowered the gun. Her hands wavered. Adams was laying on the ground and Yemisi was staring from an height. Not sure if she had dome the right thing. She had been driven by anger and now she had just shot a man. Her plan was to scare them.

Tina felt Isaac's breath heating her neck. She could  feel his breathe as he embraced her. She searched for his face and she could pick a deep smile on it. He slipped off her hands and he dropped into the ground. She looked at her palm and she saw blood stain. Terror took over her and she went on her kneels immediately. He covered her to save her life. He took the bullet in his back. She picked him up as his eyes closed up and she looked aside seeing Adams struggling to break off yemisi's grip. It all went slowly like time and pace had been altered.

The roofs fell off as men dropped in through the roof with guns. They were all screaming 'Freeze' The door broke opened and more police officers rushed into the room. Taking down everybody.


Machines laced the end of the rooms and tubs linked into tubes. 

Tina sat on an arm chair and she watched. She couldn't stop her self from weeping. Now she knew Isaac had no else expect friends. The doctor didn't let anyone stay with him all night except her. 

She was so confused but she knew her decisions were right. She was now sure she wanted Isaac above Adams. 

She heard a cough and she looked up. Isaac was awaking. She moved over to the edge of the bed and she had her head over his face. 

He looked up and he smiled. He wanted to sit up but she stopped him. 

"I am sorry." He muttered. She looked at him and she squeezed his hands in hers. 

"I know I don't deserve you." Hot stream of tears rushed down his cheek. 

"I slept with Sandra, and I..." He went mute as she drew her face closer to his. Then she kissed his lips. This was the first he was going to get. It looked like a dream come true and the world was spinning in a pink ball of unreality. His eyes popped as he held her close till she broke free. She wiped her lips and looked him in the eyes again. 

"You saved me because you loved me, right?" Tina asked. She made her lips moist and she waited for his reply. She couldn't figure out why Adams dodged the bullet and why Isaac shielded her. It was almost a mystery. 

Isaac nodded then he signed. 

"I love you Celestina." He said. 

Tina sat close to him at the end of the bed and she held his hands. 

"Once I thought I could stop loving you. I thought I could love you no more." She locked a gaze with his as she spoke. "But now I think it is impossible. I can't stop loving you." She added. 

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