Love me no more Eps 34 

Isaac tapped his nails against the table positioned in front of him. He watched the doctor observe him from time to time and he smiled occasionally. There was no way he could stand up and tell the doctor he was going to be away for just a minute. 

Isaac trended a topic and it was accepted by the doctor. It was a question about the friend who owned the clinic. 

"And why is he not here." Isaac asked. 

"He works in the state hospital." The doctor replied thoughtfully. He glared at Isaac and he proceeded. 

"He would here soon." He took his eyes off his wrist and he leaned forward. 

"I guess you are up to something and I am stopping you." The doctor said again. 

Isaac gulped, suppressing the pressure in his stomach. He nodded and he flashed a skimpy smile.

"And why is that hard for you to say." The doctor fired. There was no reply from Isaac. "I guess you need money." 

Isaac smiled. "You know so much." Isaac said, scratching his hands. 

"I study people, besides you said you wanted to be in ogbomosho, now we are here." He paused and he looked away. 

"Alright you caught me." Isaac said and he let go a look, paraded with anxiety. The doctor was holding a two thousand naira note in between his finger, and Isaac couldn't figure out where he had slipped out that from

"Don't say  thank you." He said. He noticed Isaac wasn't quick to take the money so he stood off his seat and he dropped it on Isaac's laps. 


Thomas looked out of this window. His head was blank and looking at the two police officers in his living room, he felt more empty. If he told them one more thing, then he was going to sell his friend. But it was worth it. They already told him what was on ground. They sounded more of a life saver than just cops who wanted to put someone in trouble. They wanted to know what Isaac said on phone before he left angrily, but Thomas could remember nothing. 

An idea struck Thomas and he looked away. His eyes was fixed on Idris, and soon it was sensed that he had something to say. 

"How will I know, you won't hurt my friend." Thomas asked again. 

Solomon looked disgusted and he went mute giving Idris the chance to speak. 

"How many times do I have to say this. He been involved in this makes him a Victim. He is missing, likewise Tina."

"I know. That isn't what I asked." Thomas snapped in.

"Don't you get. He is in danger." 

"OK.." Thomas whisked. He moved across the room and he sank into one of the couch. 

"I have one idea." He said thoughtfully as he watched the two police officers donate to him a high share of their attention. 

"Do you guys come with a car." Thomas asked.

"Yeah! We did." Idris said. "It is outside." He added.

Thomas stood up all at once. 

"Let's move." He said. They both gave him a cold stare then Solomon spoke up.

"Where are we going."

"Won't you follow me first." Thomas snapped back. 


Following the instruction pass to Isaac. He traced the address without anyone noticing. He told no one about the kidnap. Neither did he tell anyone about the issue. His heart burned as he journeyed down to Ikuye street. He spotted the house he was told to walk in and he paid off the bike rider, blocks away. He moved across the street towards the house and he wiped his face with the end of his white shirt. 

He moved closer to the wide black gate and his knock only landed twice when the gate flew opened. A short man peeped outside and he looked left and right. 

"Who are you looking for?" The man asked

"I am Isaac." Isaac replied. The man nodded and he stepped out of his way. Isaac walked in and he looked around. He could see a group of guy chatting in one corner of the compound. 

He turned around noticing a suspicious movement behind him. He was too slow to dodge what was coming. The short guy's fist sank into his jaw and before he could recover another fist was hitting him on the side of his head. He fell unto the ground, grunting in pain. His attempt to trigger a scream was aborted. He felt a hand going forcefully against his mouth, and he was tied up in minute with his mouth tapped. His head was forced into a sack and his vision was darkened. Then he was carried in a way that he couldn't break free. 

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