Love me no more Eps33

The smoke cut sharply into Isaac's lungs. He tried to get out a cough but that was impossible. 

He looked up, raising his heads off the wheel. He could feel blood running down his face as he looked sideways. 

He knew he had to get out of the car as soon as possible.

He couldn't figure out how it all happened. His visions went blur and his hit on his break pad was inefficient.  

He felt an external force hitting against his door and his attention was drawn. People were trying to get him out of the car and the easiest way was to break open his door.

The temperature got hot and he felt like he was melting. He tried to open up his door from within, but his seatbelt held him back. 

He reached out for his belt lock and it was stiff. His bleeding hands hurt as he pulled himself out of his seat. 

Finally he saw his door fall open but the smoke prevented him from seeing who the helpers were. 

After a few struggle he was out of his seat belt and he was been carried out. He was laid on the ground and the man. 

Not so long the scene was crowded and people were standing all over. The car wasn’t in an extremely bad shape. Except the rear that had been eaten up by the bark of the tree. 

“Space please.” The man who had saved him scream.

“I am a doctor.” He said again.

They all watched and they couldn’t say more than a sorry. 

They all said several things. Some said he was over speeding, some said he was drunk. Some said he was high. Some guessed he was one of the yahoo guys who had spent half of his savings learning every twist and turn in reckless driving. 

The doctor  pleaded with criticising lookers to shut up. The doctor could saw the need for ventilation, seeing the crowds were getting to much. Some people on the other end were trying to offer a little form of assistance by pulling his car, a bit closer to the main road. That was still close to impossible. Soon they began to leave one at a time. 

The doctor's words were kind. He offered to carry Isaac back to Ilorin but Isaac was keen on going to Ogbomosho. He didn’t explain why. The doctor later agreed only if, Isaac would let him take him to is friend's clinic in Ogbomosho. 

The ride took longer than expected. With few pain relievers the doctor had administered to Isaac. He was able to stay out of the circle of extreme pain. His injuries were not too deep. Just a bruise on the side of his face and a twist in one of his fingers. 

Isaac tried to stay out of personal talk and it worked. They only talked work, business. The doctor was very interested in what Isaac was doing for a living. He wanted to know why and how he would break down a 1.5 million naira car without his soul clutching unto panic. 

The doctor helped Isaac with his injuries, and on getting to Ogbomosho; he was able to run test, like Xray just to check if nothing was wrong internally. The doctor found out that Isaac's body already had marks and healing spot. He tried checking his arms and he could sense, Isaac was feeling pain in it. They sat and they opened up another large file of conversation. Isaac never wanted any of this but he wasn’t going to walk out. His wallet was in the car and his phone! He had that with him. If he was going to recuse Tina. The doctor has to help with few cash. So he had to make the doctor fell comfortable. 


Thomas stood off the rug stretching across the floor of his living room. A knock had woke him up from sleep. 

 He pressed the TV control and the whole noise died down then he moved towards the door. He pulled off his locks, pull open the door and then moved aside. He scratched his eyes, looking two men standing in front of him. They were total strangers. He wanted to say a word but they stopped him.

“I am detective Idris” The man in a brown shirt said as he brought out an ID card. He flipped it opened so Thomas could see and he looked side ways to introduce his partner. 

“Detective Solomon” The other guy said, looking into Thomas eyes. 

“Yes what can I do for you.” Thomas asked. He held opened his door, feeling the conversation shouldn’t go more than his door post as he tried all his best to suppress the fact that he was scared.

“We need to see your friend, Isaac jimoh. There is a kidnap case we are working on and your friend is entangled in this.”

“Darn!” Thomas said under his breath.  Now he was fixing facts together and he could see reasons behind Isaac’s sudden rush and disappearance. 

“But he is not here.”

“What do you mean he is not here” Detective Idris said.

“He doesn't stay here."

"We have been to his house and we didn't see any trace of him." 

"He went off minutes ago and he is no where to be…” Thomas stopped talking and seeing Idris’ eye brown was raised. 

“Do you mind we come in and talk better.” Idris asked.

“Sure!” Thomas walked away from the doorway and he allowed them in. His lights were on so they could see far and wide from the door way. 

“Nice place.” Solomon complemented. 

“Thank you. Have your seat.” Thomas said, pointing towards a sofa, positioned close to a wall. 


Two men stood against a wall and they watched Tawa walk in. She dropped her bag into the ground and she emptied it. Then she began to scattered all that fell into the ground till she came up with a cigar pack. The two men lowered their height, helping her with her bag. 

One of the men handed her a match stick and she lighted the cigar. She stocked it in between her fingers and she trapped wandering strand of hair behind her ear as she stood off the ground.

"What's the plan." One of the men asked. Tawa blew smoke into the air and she sighed.

"We are waiting for our client." Tawa replied.

"Before then."

"Before then, you get every thing strong available. We are going to be beat life out of someone." 

The second man, nodded. He had a flower tattoo on his neck and his chest was broader than that of the other man. 

"A guy named Isaac will be here soon. He is the only person our client has ordered us to beat."

"Why" The tattooed man replied while the other man was mute, playing with the end of his shirt. 

"I don't know." Tawa replied. She puff out smoke again and she walked towards the end of the room where there was another door leading to the hallway.

 ©Godwin Okhuoya