Love me no more Eps 32

Isaac leaned on a bed in isolated room. He was connected to several tubs and a large machine close to him was beeping lightly. The door went opened and a doctor walked in with a clip board in his grip. He stood at the end of the bed and he looked through his lenses. He took off his glasses and he smiled. 

The doctor moved over to the other end of the bed and he adjusted one of the tubes.  He motioned to Isaac to get off his back and he watched Isaac lean against the wall. 

“How do you feel now?” 

“Fine!” Isaac replied. He looked away, thinking he needed a break. He would be discharged today. The doctor already told him. 

“What about the headache? How constant is it now.”

“Just once in a while.”

“The eye pain.”


He doctor looked up and he penned some details down on the sheet he was holding. 

He moved closer to Isaac and he held unto his head. He tilted it sideways after he had dropped his clip board on the bed, then he raised both eye lids with his thumb. He observed nothing suspicious, and then he picked up his clip board again. 

“You shouldn’t drive for now.”

“You have told me that before.”

“I know. I just have to tell you again.” 

The doctor moved away and he tapped his finger against the led screen of one the machines. He pressed a button here and there and the sounds coming off the machine changed. He nodded with his eyes fixed on Isaac.

 Isaac seems to know what the doctor meant. He leaned on the bed, his chest rising and falling. The doctor watched him and after a while he pushed a button on the machine. The beep came on rapidly, he left the machine and he moved closer to Isaac. He located the tubs and he disconnected it from Isaac. 

“Fine.” He said. “You are free to go home now. Check the reception and see any nurse, pay your outstanding bills and collect your drugs.”

The doctor walked out and soon the room was filled up with friends, no family. They all came with a sympathetic look. He wasn’t allowed to stay with his phone. Thomas his friend had to hold on to it.

“Who called?” Isaac asked as he walked down the foyer with over five friends moving with him. 

“Everyone in the world called.” Thomas replied. He smiled as he adjusted the neck of his shirt. 

They walked into the reception and Isaac moved to the counter to see one of the nurses for clearing. He was cleared and he had his outstanding dept paid with his debit card and he checked for his next appointment. 

“Thanks.” Isaac said, shaking the tall beard guy who was behind him. He shook hands with the three other guys, and the five girls who wanted a hug got it.

“You guys came with cars?”

“yeah we did.” Bisola replied. She smiled and he wished Isaac wasn’t going to let go her hands. He was her neighbor who stayed next door and she was the first who heard his scream. But she had been finding it difficult to move through with Isaac. Her cute smile and flashy complexion wasn’t buying her his attention. 

“Tayo came with his car.” Bisola said. Isaac whirled around and he slid his hands into the open hands of the short guy on his right in an ash color polo shirt. The all moved towards the parking lot and Isaac smiled, sighting his car. His phone buzzed and he searched for his pocket he looked up seeing Thomas it giving to him. He picked it up and with one hands he thumbed Tayo who had already started the engine of the second car. 

“Hey!” Isaac said.

“You girls have just been kidnapped.” The voice said. Isaac felt a crack in his head and he stared in unbelief.

“What do you mean by t..h…a..t” He stammered. 

“Get into your car now and come alone.” 


“You have 1 hour to be in Ogbomosho. Get into your car now. I am sending a text.”

“Who are you?” He broke in and what he heard next was his line disconnecting. 

He eyes came in contact with Thomas curious face and he let go of a frown.

“My key.” He asked.

“What happened?” Thomas asked as he slid the car key out of his pocket. Isaac snatched the keys out of his grip and he made it into the car before he could be stopped. He slammed close the door and he started the car's engine. Thomas waved him down but he had to stay out of the way, seeing Isaac was going to knock him down if he wasn’t careful. He had no idea about what was happening. 

Isaac drove speedily down the Ilorin Ogbomosho road without an idea of where he was heading. Tina been kidnapped! Was enough to purge him into a need for speed? 

His phone buzzed and he picked it up. 

“Come to Ikuye darusalam, house 6 just get there the rest will be taken care of.”

“Who are you? And why are you doing this.” He asked, his voice holding a very high note.

“Do you want to save her?” He went mute and before he could say a word the line dropped. He dropped the phone and he increased his speed. A thick headache struck him and he whimpered. His visions began to go blur and soon he went out of control. He went for his breaks as he noticed he had loosed total control. He was already out of the road and the next thing that stopped him was a tree. His bonnet flew opened as his engine grinded to an halt. Smoke filled the whole car and fire raced from the engine as flames spread over to the car’s body   

©Godwin Okhuoya