Love me no more Eps 31

Adams took it up to himself to visit Tina the next morning he was bothered she didn’t call him after the previous day talk and he yearned that it had not vanished out of her head.

He came down the bike that had brought him and he walked into her hostel. Smell of okro getting burnt filled his nose and he could not do better than a cough. He shielded his nose and tried keeping dust off. Someone was sweeping with her room’s door wide opened. He kept moving knowing he would reach Tina’s room and he glared seeing her door was wide opened.

He moved slowly towards the door and he frowned. Standing in the door way, his eyes pitched every path of the room. The bed spread had been rumpled and he could see sign of struggle. He took a wide look before he took his next step and he kept his motion steady. He observed for extra movement and he doubted someone was in the room.

“Tina!!!” He called. No one answered him. “Tina!!” He called again. No one answered. He turned left has he heard a phone beep. He sighted Tina’s phone on the bed and he rushed at it.

She had multiple texts and missed calls.

He looked away and he sighted a note pinned under a cup on her fridge. He moved across the room then he lifted up the cup and he studied the note. On it was a crawled message.


He started in disbelieve and he dropped the note. He rushed towards the table, and he swept all that was on it into the ground. He grabbed his head and he didn’t know if he was going to scream or cry. He had to tell someone about this. He paced the room from one end to another, not knowing what to do and he paused trying to figure out the whole scene. Then he crashed on his kneels again.

Where is Sandra? That was what came into his head and he dug out his phone. He dialed her line then he told her what he saw. She came rushing down in minutes and soon the room was filled up with sympathizers. No one came with nothing more than an heavy eyes. None of them had solutions. Some said they heard her scream, but it was for a short while. Some said they passed by the door and it was widely opened, they thought she was cleaning up. No one could predict what time it happened and no one could tell if it was true. They tried contacting all her friends and the few who picked up said they had not seen her in a week.

Adams got back from owode police station some few minutes past one. He let Sandra in and he promised to be back in minutes.  He wanted to get some drink and probably a plate of anything steamy. That was close to impossible there was no where he could get that. There was no eatery around. He got a bottle of fayrouz and a pack of sausage roll, he was about to pay when his phone sizzled. He dug his hands into his pocket and he brought out his phone.

“Hello.” He said coldly.

“If you need your friend alive, you need to do all I say.” The voice said. He looked around quickly and he found over eight eyes on him. They were all staring and none looked familiar. They all had phones close to their ears and none took their eyes off him.

“What are you staring at?” The voice smacked him. His phone fell out of his hands and he trembled picking it up. His hands went weak and he had to lift up the phone to his ear with both hands.

© Godwin Okhuoya