Love me no more Eps3

Tina shoveled into her bag, her 10 in one Johnex book and her phone was next. It was a boring lecture. The old bald lecturer was finding it hard to focus on what he had on the sheet he was holding. He kept talking and blabbing about decency and holiness, and he made it off to the extreme with every little chance he got. It pissed her off. It was the same man who had asked her out when she was in 100 level. She said no four times. But Isaac knowing her departmental dean came to her rescue when the old man promised to fail her if she insisted she wasn't going to bed with him.

Tina looked around for a charging space and she got one very close to the wall. She lifted up her back and she looked around if she had not forgotten anything. She took the first step side ways then the second and she noticed her blouse had gone out of her trouser. She tucked it in with her left hands and and she held firmly to her bag with the right.

As usual the socket wasn't free. A guy was making use of it. A little smile and eye rolling with a pity expelling look bought her a whole 10 minutes. It wasn't a departmental course so the guy was very new. 

She sat down there and she battled to keep her broken charger connected as she held on to a part of it which had a white tape running around it.

"Good morning beautiful." The voice came at her and she took time before she looked up. She wished it wasn't the guy who gave her the space to charge. She would have to force a conversation if he was and that would so not be funny. The boring lecturer already had her taste for conversations soiled.

"I am greeting you." Now she looked up and she smiled. A shallow hole was dug on her cheek and she killed it when she whisked. 

"Good morning. Sorry it is afternoon already." She replied. 

Just one thing jotted down her mind. -If he is my departmental mate he won't be trying this right now.- 

" I have been staring at you all through the lecture and I don't know. It was hard to focus when I had you in front of me."

"I guess my back view must be killing." She said jokingly, veiling her displeasure with a smile.

"I saw your hair. That was all, but I predicted your face with the figure."

"Hmmm. Figure."

"No don't get me wrong." He protested. "I am not saying the figure ...But..."

"OK..." She slides in. She took another look at him. He was a tall guy on an afro hair style. A regular red polo shirt and a chinos was what he had on. She didn't want to go down for his shoes so she judge with all she saw in a quick glance. Dark with a killer set of teeth.

"What's your name." She asked, cracking a vase in the guy's head. 

"My name! " He repeated. "ooo. Frederick. Frederick." He added quickly. 

"Ok Mr Frederick. It is nice meeting you." She went for her charger and she pulled it off in a single pull.

"Pls can you help me call the guy behind you." She said again. She watched Frederick reach the guy who had given her a charging slot and before he was done. She was working away. He followed her closely and he caught up.

" I was thinking you would tell me your name."

"My name." Tina repeated as they climbed down the stairs that would take them to the first floor of MKO lecture theater. 

"I give you 2 minute. Guess my name and I would let you have my phone number my hostel address and you will be my newest friend..." 

"Tina." He broke in quickly, before she was done talking. She looked into his brown eyes with a smile and that triggered one on his face.

"So you lied. You ain't seeing me for the first time."

"No... Tina. For real, I am..."

"Lie again." She broke in. He sighed as he trusted his shaking hands into his pocket.

"My name is Celestina. Not Tina. You missed it. Have a nice day and never show up in front of me again." She didn't let him say a word more when she walked away from him and she moved across the road leading to FPAS 1000 lecture theater. 

Adams, a light guy who had just crossed into SLT from accounting department watched her from M.K.O as she moved away and he whispered to his friend.

"Who is she."

"Someone you shouldn't fall in love with." Victor, the dark big headed guy beside him replied. 

"I like the way she moves."

"You are new here bro. You might fail all your courses if you continue like this."

"Forget it. Is she also in our department or did she borrow this course."

"Alaye. She is in SLT." He said as he gave Adams a blank stare. 

"I know you are cute and you can get whatsoever girl you want. But you see Tina."

"Oh.. her name is Tina. One of my ex's name." Adams said. Victor looked at him with a stiff frown.

"Stop making useless connections. She has a boy friend." Victor fired, an hike in his pitch. 

They moved towards the photocopy stand outside M.K.O and Adams handed over a big text book to the woman, standing behind the stand.

"Who told you she can't date two." Adams replied. He face the woman and he began to flip open the textbook. He stopped at once and he asked.

"Wait... How much is it." 

"5 Naira per copy." The woman replied.

"E no gree three for ten naira."

"E no gree." She replied frankly as she collected a course form from another customer.

"Paper Don cost. Shey ma'ah do am." She asked.

Victor crossed his hands against his shoulder and he waited for Adams response. He shook his head as heard Adam told her to return his textbook. 

They both walked away towards Adenike gate, moving through the Lab complex just to get a place to make photocopy at cheaper rates.

Tina's picture kept coming back into Adam's head as he moved and that kept him from saying a word to Victor till they were at Adenike gate.

© Godwin Okhuoya