Love me no more Eps 29

Tawa stowed away a pen in her bag. She looked through the transparent glass walling the cafeteria and she swallowed a deep smile. She pulled up a frown, checking her wrist for time. 

She sniffed pushing open the cafeteria door. Then she slipped in walking out of the sight of the security men and as she walked over to the counter. She observed if she wasn’t been watched. There was no eyes on her so she felt save. A plate of noodles was all she asked for and the waiters were bothered about why she didn’t let anyone wait on her. 

She was done after ten minutes and she had her bills paid. She sat down there with a shade on her face, then she shifted uneasily on the chair she sat on. A cup of cream yoghurt was seated in front of her. She pulled it closer and she lifted it towards her lips. She almost spilled it on herself as her phone vibrated. 

‘Yemisi’ that was the callers ID. She picked it up and she whisked. 

“I am so sorry. It flicked.” She rolled her eyes. “I can explain. Did you get my text… Alright. I can wait…Twenty more minutes. Fine” She ended the call and she ordered for one more cup of yoghurt. She sat still moving on her chair, she pulled off her shades and she folded it up, dropping it on the table. She moved her chair backward and she leaned on it. 

After twenty five minutes she sighted someone familiar coming in and she smiled. She adjusted her sitting position and she looked forward. It was yemisi. Spotting Tawa was no trouble.

Yemisi kicked up the conversation in a furry and she wasn’t ready for no redemption. She was fixed on the fact that she paid for the move and it flopped. She wanted a pay back or a fix, and this time she wanted no error. 

“What if we kidnap her?” Yemisi proposed. Tawa drew in a deep breath. She looked away and she checked if no one was eave dropping. She had been into so much trouble she doesn’t want more on her neck. She had been reported severally to various authorities for threatening students. 

“Fine!” Tawa said. She moved her cup of yoghurt closer and she smiled. “That will cost more.” She added. “We would be in need of more people and we would have to harbor her till all terms and conditions are met. You won’t be feeding her. We will be.” She pointed her hands at her chest. 

Yemisi had her eyes wide opened and she gulped. 

“Can I get your quote?”

“Not so quick. I never thought about that.”

“Is this your first kidnapping job?” Yemisi lowered her voice. 

“No… but I never thought you would push this up now.”

“It is fine. Just let me have a responds tonight.” 

“Fine.” Tawa raised her brow and she whisked. Yemisi dug into her bag in search of cash and she stopped all of a sudden. 

“Don’t you mind I transfer it into your account?”

“I don’t want anything traceable. I think you paying me in cash will be the best.” Tawa said frankly. 

“But we are in the opened.” Yemisi protested. 

Tawa smiled and she surveyed the environment again. 

“What if I have someone is snapping from a far? How will you fix that?” 

Tawa smiled. “It’s nothing. But no one dares.” Yemisi smiled. She folded her hands, resting it on the table. 

“What did you order?” Tawa shook her cup. 

“Yogurt, nothing more.”

“I need something cold.”

“Like what.” 

Yemisi glared. “Stop acting like you care.” She fired. Tawa sipped her yogurt. This was going to the last sip. 

“I actually do care.” Tawa said, beckoning on a waiter to come closer. 


Adams walked into Tina’s room after he had knocked for the sixth time and he got no response. The door was opened, he was very sure of that and he had tried calling her. Her phone was ringing and he could hear it. 

He held on the door’s handle and in a single pull he was breaking into the dim lit room. His nose pitched the smell of coffee. He became scared and bothered. She wasn’t in school and that kept him more bothered. He thought it was the rape issue. 

Moving, closer to her bed he noticed she was awake. He sat close to her, holding her hands and he noticed her movement was slow. 

“What is wrong?” He asked. His eyes searched out hers and he let out a calm smile, telling her it was all okay. 

She was sick. He could see it in her. She was weak and broken. 

“Has he called you?” He went shallow on his question, knowing it wasn’t the right question to ask. She looked him in the eyes and she flashed a confident smile. 

“Can you be like him?” She asked. He searched for a reply but he found none. He found it hard to decode the question but he found himself at the very end of it at last. 

“You should talk less now.” Adams said. He looked away from her and he veiled a smiled. 

“Where is Sandra?” He asked.

“Went to get me some drugs.” She tried, getting on her back and with the help of Adams she was convenient. 

He crushed her hands softly in his and he locked a gaze with her. He felt it was time he asked her the very question he had wanted to ask.

“Do you love me?” Adams asked, waiting for Tina to speak.

©Godwin Okhuoya