Love me no more Eps 28 
Tawa’s alarm blew wide and she stretched for it. She slammed her fist against a button popping out the head of the heart shaped alarm clock. Then she closed her eyes for another round of sleep. That didn’t go longer than a minute when she jumped out of bed. She set her feet on the cold ties and she forced her feet into a pink slippers beside the bed. She moved on the bed and when she got closer to the wall, she thumbed a switch and lights came on over head. She rushed over to her reading table with drugs scattered everywhere, textbooks well arranged and manuals all most falling off. She had the books arranged before she rushed herself to sleep. She picked up one of the drugs on the table and she unsealed it, she took some in and she chewed them. 
Tawa picked up her phone and she frowned seeing missed calls. Just one caller almost drained her battery. She knew who it was, probably a confirmation about the job she had assigned. She redialed the number and she went over to her dressing table. She observed her face, through the glass pitched slightly above the dressing table, held down by a wooden frame. She had a round face with a shape jaw line. Her prominent chin was parallel her dark deep eyes and her broad nose ended where her small lips took root. 
“Good…” She looked around for her wall clock. She found it and she rushed the rest of her words. “Morning… Good morning.” She repeated.  
“We missed.” The voice came over. She took her phone off her ear and she checked if the caller ID was correct. 
“What do you mean?” Her voice hardened. 
“I am darn serious. The boys had an intruder.”
“Darn!!! How come? You guys haven’t…” She raised her hands for her lips and she whisked. 
“Ok.” She said, nodding and she ended the call. She returned to her bed and she sat at its end.
She spent half of the night pulling hair away from her face. Nothing else came up her head. She was trying to fix an excuse. She had already received her payment and she knew how heart breaking it will be if she broke the news to Yemisi. 
Isaac got back to Ilorin before ten am the next day. He felt fulfilled when Adams left before him and he made sure Tina was in her right state of mind before he left.
 Later in the evening, Isaac got back after a class. He had a long routine, seating for a five hours lecture, setting up seminars and orientation for freshers made his day stuffy. 
He dropped his sweat shirt on his couch and he slipped out of his trouser. He could feel the heat and after he had emptied one liter bottled water he went out to turn on his generator. It was his normal routine. He checked its fuel level and he knew it was no need refueling. 
He was busy with his T.V some few minutes past nine. He had just ended a call with Tina and he let out a weak smile as he grabbed his mac book. He had to do some updates and reply some mails. 
A knock came against his door and he eyes shifted off his screen towards the door. The generator was loud but the knock was clear. He tried to keep his ears off. But the knocker was determined. He dropped his laptop and he pushed a button on the T.V control. A sudden silence came up and all that was heard were sounds off his generator. 
He didn’t know what to think about, but whoever it was already had his perfect moment ruined. He turned down his lock and he pulled his door towards his self. That was a wrong moved! He saw a tall masked guy behind the door and an attempt to slam the door close was late. The man already had his leg in. Four other men walked right through the open door. They were all masked with bats in their hands. They looked strong, tall and huge. Isaac moved backward and getting to the center of his living room he went on his knees, the generator would make his scream useless. Two other men also stepped in with bats in their hands. They close him up in a circle and they all raise the bat at him. 
©Godwin Okhuoya