Isaac sat in one corner of the room. He watched Tina patiently as she slept. He looked around and he noticed Sandra was asleep but Adams was still awake. He was also watching from where he sat. They said no word to each other and an hour passed by. Isaac went for his phone and he confirmed pending mails. He dropped his phone after minutes and he moved across the room to check on Tina. She was far off, absorbed into a pool of deep sleep. He could see her chest rise and fall. He pinned his lips against each other and he returned to where he sat earlier. He was curious, confused and angry at the same time. He had so many questions trapped in his belle and he wanted to burst. 
Adams smile, feeling the struggle Isaac would be going through. They knew they both had to talk if the night would be one to remember. 
Isaac stood up again after he had noticed Tina turn on the bed. He was moved beyond the stone and he wished he could take away all her mental pains. He wanted her to wake up the next day without the thought of what had happened last night. He was sure it had been framed. He wanted to know who they were. Who had them paid? The Tina he had loved would never cause trouble. He wiped beads of sweat off her fore head and he laid a kiss on it. Her body was warm and her breath was normal. He went for her hands as he sat close to her. He held it in his and he watched her closed lids. He wished he could get into her head and share her dreams. He wished she could see how she felt at the very moment. He knew he had made so many mistakes but he was sure he still loved her. The bond was holding him tight and he swore with his heart crossed never to let her out of his sight for so long again. 
“She will be fine.” A voice came from behind. Isaac whirled around, convinced the mute partner he had all the while in the room was the one who had opened up. 
Isaac shrugged, smiling. He didn’t say a word and he held her Tina’s hands tighter. 
“I know, she will be.” Isaac finally replied. Adams sighed and he moved back to a plastic chair resting on the wall, far off. A sticker of Jesus was on the wall, having it end almost immediately above the chair head. 
“I am Adams, her friend.”
“A very good friend, I guess.” Isaac said frankly. He pitched his nose and he turned around ready for a real discussion. He raised one eyes brow expecting a reply from Adams. 
“What makes you think that?”
“Nothing!” Isaac shrugged. He laid down Tina’s hand and he stood up. He stood up and he pulled another plastic chair closer to Adams. 
“I have not seen you before. Has she been hiding you?”
Adams smiled. “Hiding me.” He repeated. He shook his head and he sighed. 
“We just met. She should have told you about me. Am I to say sorry that she didn’t.” Adams added. 
He looked away. “I was the one who save her.” Isaac neck turned in search of Adam’s face. “I was fortunate to ply the same road when it was about to happen. Should I say I walked into it. Hmmm, yes I did.”  
Isaac waited and finally he had Adams’ attention. He nodded and he smiled. 
“It was coincidental.” 
“I won’t say you framed her, and I am trying not to think you are trying to gain her trust.” Isaac’s pitch went high. 
“I guess you don’t want to wake up the whole house.” Adams said. 
Isaac pulled his chair closer to Adams till he was in his face. 
“Can you do me a favour.” Isaac asked. 
Adams tried to take off his eyes but Isaac’s gaze was fixed. 
“Can you do me a favour.” Isaac asked again.
“And what’s would that be.”
“I don’t want to see your face after tomorrow morning.” 
“That would be impossible.” Adams retorted. The look on Isaac’s face was deep and scary but Adams never cared. He looked away this time and he grabbed his phone. He turned off its lock with his face lighting up. 
Isaac sat still not saying a word. He knew what to do. He stood off the arm chair he sat on and moved back to the end of the bed. He stood there, his hands across his chest as he took in a deep breath. He was sure of what he felt within. He felt Adams was dangerous, but he couldn’t pull more than a wordy challenge. He moved into the kitchen after a while, pretending he wanted something. Then he picked a knife and he had it hidden where no one would notice. 
©Godwin Okhuoya