Love me no more Eps26

Chief abraham stood off the couch. He adjusted the towel around his neck and he moved towards the transparent glass wall. He pulled aside the curtain and he looked out. He had a pure access to his compound and he didn't stop staring until he sensed someone else had moved into the room.

He whisked, folding his hands behind him.

"How are you." He said. 

Brain, an average height dark man in a blue round neck and a black pants flashed a smile and he replied.

"I am fine sir. Boss lady is asleep already."

"I know. That is not why I called you here." 

Chief abraham moved across the room towards a couch at the far end on the left wing. He sank into it, motioning brain to come sit close to him.

"What's up with the process."

"Process!" Brain repeated. 

"The elimination process." Chief looked into brain's eyes. "I thought you wanted to eliminate him since he is a big threat."

"Yes boss. That's what we are going to do. We are still finding the perfect time." 

Chief nodded in agreement. 

"Let me have your phone." Chief asked. He rubbed his nose and he waited for Brain to hand over his phone. He checked it and he frowned noticing it had been locked.

"Unlock it." 

"OK" Brian replied. He battled with his phone's lock and he was sacred; Chief was in search of something that might implicate him. He knew what chief Abraham's wrath was about. 

"Let me see the picture of the jimoh guy."

"Isaac! That's his name. Jimoh is his surname."


"But chief." 

"What is but chief."

"Chief, I thought I sent it to you."

"So can't you show me again"

"OK sir." Brain belched. He cover his mouth with the back of his hands as he navigated through his phone with the other hand. He came in contact with the picture of a guy in a yellow designer shirt and a face cap. 

"That's him." Brain said, giving Chief the phone.

"I said it. They look alike."


"I met someone today who looks exactly like him." Chief said. His eyes went wide as a thin line came under his eyes. His weak brown eyes held a note of curiosity. 

"My daughter." He added.

"Chief, your daughter is out of this."

"Brain! brain! I know what this means to you. But my daughter came with this guy. Might be his boyfriend." 

"So..." Brain, caught chief's gaze and he went mute. He knew he was already biting more than he could chew. 

"Let me call her." Chief said. He motioned Brain to help him with his phone and he dialed Tina's line. There was no responds. He called for over five times and after the seventh he drew a line across the thought of another call.

"Even if he is your daughter's boyfriend, chief. This is business. This is status. We still need to deal with him just to show power. We would teach others a lesson." 

"Hmmmm!" Chief sighed. 

"They are not married yet, chief."

"That's true." Chief nodded. He stretched and he yawned. 

"You need to go to bed now, chief." Brain said, making chief let off a weak smile.

"Do whatsoever you think is right to him, others need to learn a lesson. No one mess with me and go free." Chief said. He locked his fingers into each other and he took another deep breath. He thought about how dangerous and powerful he had grown over the years and he thirsted for more power.

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