Love me no more Eps25

Adams stood in the dark as he avoided the fixed light in front of Tina's hostel. He had been waiting in that corner for over 30 minutes. 

Tina already told him she was on her way home. She had not been home since morning and she had confirmed she wouldn't be coming home with Isaac. 

He rubbed his hands against each other and he looked out again for her. He didn't see any sign of her so he moved from one corner of the hostel to another. He wasn't in a good mood and he promised not to come check on her again if she wouldn't be around. 

Sandra just played a trick on him and he doubted Tina would also be like that. He was still keen on getting Tina, so he saw Sandra's body as a bait which he had just over looked. 

Adams hit his head repeatedly as a lady walked in and he noticed she wasn't Tina. 

It got late and soon it was 10pm. The gate been closed by 10:30 pm was no new rule. He moved out of the hostel and he waited outside. It would be hard, getting a bike from where he stood; so he was determined he was going to wait a bit longer. 


Tina held on to her bag, as she moved quickly down a narrow path in the dark night. She had a pressure within to be quicker with her steps and it all ended when three guys burst out of no where to block her path. She looked back quickly, feeling a twist in her tummy. No one was going to save her here. She regretted not letting Isaac bring her home. They were actually going to rob her and hit her. She thought She sighted one of the guys with a knife and she stepped backward, avoiding falling in their circle. 

"Just take my bag." She wavered. 

One of the guys laughed. 

"We don't need your bag." The guy with the knife said. He drew closer to her and before she could make a quick turn someone was holding her from behind. 

The guy pulled the knife closer to her breast and he smiled. She could smell his breathe and sweat came out her pores immediately. 'You are going to be raped'- Her Intel told her. She felt a hand go for her blouse and before she could break free she had been pushed into the ground. 

"I am a virgin." She cried, then they ran her mouth full with sand. 


Adams burst out of a junction and he sighted three figures pinning down one other figure to the ground. He knew what that meant so he let out a scream. They looked at him not knowing who he was and they left for the bush. It was a miracle. That route was the loneliest route in UnderG and he would have not plied it on a normal day.

Adams rushed over to help up the figure and he was surprised to know she was Tina. He retrained her from any conversation and he led her down to her hostel immediately. 

They got to her hostel and he pulled a blanket around her, the moment she got into the room. Sandra raced towards the bed side fridge and she slid out a bottle of water for her friend to wash her mouth. Adams's held unto her and soon he began to explain to Sandra what had happened from what he had seen. 

He noticed Tina was breaking down and he pulled her head closer to his chest. 

Tina's phone rang out almost immediately and Sandra went for it. It was Isaac calling. She hide nothing and she broke down all that had happened. She ended the call immediately and after 40 minutes he was down in front of the hostel from Ilorin, calling Sandra to come open up the gate for him.

Isaac got into the hostel and his first attempt to open up the door was full of fear. He couldn't guess how she was going to look like. 

He glared angrily with the door widely opened. His girl friend was shaking, wrapped up in a blanket with her head on another man's chest. His nose flared and his hands vibrated with anger moving to every part of his system. 

©Godwin Okhuoya