Love me no more Eps24

Yemisi sat back, after Tawa had gone. She had one more bottle of trophy standing, after she had sealed the deal. She was convinced that getting high wasn't the next thing.

She wasn't sure moving on was the best thing for her at the moment. She didn't know where to start from, neither did she know where this would end. 

She reviewed her decisions again and she doubted her option was wrong. She was keen on no blood shed but she wanted Tina to pay badly for taking away the love of her life. She never asked how or who would have her raped. As long as Tawa was handling the whole operation she was guaranteed of no flaws. 

Yemisi held the last bottle and she checked if it still had anything in it. It was empty. She dropped the bottle and she called on a near by waiter to settle her bills. 


Isaac spotted a red Lincoln navigator afar. It was in the same shape Tina had described. 

Isaac pulled up right behind the car. With his hands on his wheels he whisked. He pushed a button on the door, enabling Tina to open up. She climbed down the car and she went over to the Lincoln navigator. It wasn't long she returned and she waved to Isaac to come down. He was furious, not knowing what that meant but he had no choice. The same lady who had kept him out of her family circle now wanted him to meet her dad.

The smallest thing Isaac had down his tummy were sounds. His stomach groaned and it was loud. It was his first time and he was never prepared for the meeting. Chief Abraham was no ordinary chief, talking to me alone was worth more than been cheered my 5,000 spectators. 

He knew the face and he trace the dread quickly. The very man he had written so much negative article about, turned out to be the father of his girl. He was still shocked he wasn't noticed by the chief, but that he knew; was only going to last for a short while. The old chief had promised to keep in touch with him and that might lead into a deeper reflection of their personal selves. 'What do you do for a living?' will produce an answer that till trend danger. 

Isaac got back to his car with Tina and he rode off. They headed back to Ilorin in a lit atmosphere. Tina was happy she got what she wanted from her dad and that alone made her talk all through the journey. Isaac couldn't help but reply every of her question. He had his head trapped with questions and thoughts. He wasn't sure if he was alive or dead. The same man who had threatened his life might become his in law. He began to doubt if the chief knew who he was but he flashed back instead, for a real confirmation and he laid down the scene when the chief gave his face a long stare and how he locked his gaze on his phone screen. 

Isaac smashed his feet on his break pad sighting an incoming truck, as Tina clutched her fingers desperately against the car's seat. The car went off the main lane after two spins and it went off into a nearby bush. 

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