Love me no more Eps 23

Tina wasn’t going to say anymore word. She looked away from him, feeling depressed and he pulled her back by holding on to her hands. 

“She said she had tried your line. It wasn’t going through. She wants to speak with you.” 

Tina looked down at his hands. She noticed he had not ended the call. She picked up the phone from him, convinced nothing was wrong and she began to speak. Isaac stared at her from the side of his eyes. He squeezed her hands and he watched her wallow in pain. He smiled and he did nothing else till she was done with the call. A waiter came around and he picked up their order. They later got served double plate of white rice and chicken just as they had ordered. A cup of juice came in later then they began to eat. 

Tina heard her phone buzz then she dropped her fork. She held on to her knife as she dug deep down in her bag. He watched her and with his mouth busy as his jaw moved rhythmically. 

His eyes bulged, catching the look she gave up. She coughed as she picked up the call, leaving him in a realm of confusion. He couldn’t guess wide. He knew who it might be. 

“Hello sir…yes.” She rolled her eyes. 

“I am in town now.” She picked up the fork and she stroked it gently against the edge of her plate as she listened. 

“I just stopped by to take lunch… travelling!” Her eyes popped almost out of her socket. 

“Noooo Dad.” The call went off, making her look angry and she caught Isaac’s gaze. 

“Dad?” Isaac asked.

“Yeah.” She went mute as she forwarded another call. She brought her phone close to her ear, forcing Isaac to say no more word. 

“Mum! I am in Ibadan already… I can’t go back.” She listened to the voice from the other side. 

“I am just eating now.” She hissed and she looked away at the man who just walked right into the restaurant. 

“Where are you guys…. It’s not far now.  I am very close… I need to see him now. Tell him to give me 10 minutes. Can he? ok” She ended three call and she sighed.

“What did she say?” Isaac asked. His eyes followed her as she went for her bag. She dropped her phone into it and she zipped it up.

“Baby, can you give me a lift. I need to catch up with my dad.” She said. Isaac pushed back his plate without a word and he called on one of the waiters so he could settle their bills. He paid off with his debit card and he found his way out of the restaurant with Tina, who tried moving faster than her foot could carried her. They got into his car and he drove out of the parking lot without asking where she was going. 


Yemisi pulled a cup of cold malt closer to herself. The atmosphere was burning and she could feel heat in every breath she took. She watched a waiter move away from the table opposite hers through her thick lashes and she shrugged. If she had one more sip, there would be nothing left in her cup. She wouldn’t want to take her ninth bottle of malt. She was conscious of its sugar content. 

Yemisi finally had to beckon on a waiter to move closer and she asked if she could get a bottle of trophy. She was eventually going to get something cold and alcoholic for the first time this year.

She consulted her wrist watch and she grimaced. She looked up again and a smiled popped up. She clipped wandering strands of hair around her ear and she shrugged again leaning forward. She had seen Tawa move into the bar and she was sure she would locate her table.  

Seconds passed by and Tawa was still wandering around the restaurant. Her phone beeped and she looked up, her gaze fell on Yemisi’s face from afar and she moved towards her table.

She pulled out the chair opposite yemisi and she sat in, then she took off the dark shade she had on. 

“You have been waiting for so long. I am sorry” Tawa apologized, feeling a bit relaxed. She leaned against her chair and she crossed her hands against her chest while Yemisi looked around. 

“You mind I get you a drink.”

“Seriously!” Tawa said. She looked away and she beckoned to a waiter.

“Let’s have something cold first.” Tawa added.

“No… I already took something. Satisfy yourself.” 

“Ok.” Tawa whisked. 

The waiter moved closer and he was told what to serve. 

“Do you need proves.” Tawa asked. 

Yemisi smiled. “I already got all what you said. What’s next?”

“You had all this pressure to see me. I thought you wanted me to convince you further.”

“No… I only wanted to know what’s next.” 

The waiter brought a bottle of chilled trophy and a glass. They went mute and as soon as he left they kicked up the conversation.

“Let me admit I know what you are trying to say.” Tawa filled up her glasses as she was saying. “I understand the fact that you have spent a lot on Adams and I know how hurtful it feels.”

Yemisi rested her elbow on the table supporting her face with her tightened fist.

“Leave Adams. Let’s talk about the girl.”

“Tina!” Tawa said then she smiled and she took a sip. She took the glass slowly off her lips and she spoke again.

“Do you want her killed or raped?” Tawa asked. Yemisi looked up at Tawa and she wondered if Tawa was reading her mind. 

© Godwin Okhuoya