Love me no more eps 22

Yemisi got close to her door and she stopped dead in the long passage. She looked left and right, filling up her senses with the right meal. She had to be suspicious. She looked around feeling the sound she had heard had died down. She moved closer to the door and a sharp sound came off from behind, her keys fell as her heart thumbed faster. She bent in relief to pick it up. Noticing it was someone laughing. The lights were on so someone might be busy with a clip or flick. She pushed open her door after she had unlocked it, she searched for the switch in the dark room. She found it after few seconds. She thumbed it and lights came up. She moved across the room towards her bed and she dropped her bag on it. She wasn’t sure of what she was feeling but she knew she was going to be sick. Adams leaving her was like a tale to her and she felt she had to be retold if she would believe it wasn’t a set up. 

She wondered why the person, who was going to solidify the certainty of all that was happening, never showed up. 

All she could do was, stepping out of her shoes. She delivered herself into the hands of sleep, and she went off on her bed unaware. 


Isaac came down a junction as he spotted a parking lot in a restaurant. He looked carefully at the Tina and he pushed up a question. 

“Can we use here?” 

She sat up, feeling trapped behind the seat belt. They hadn’t talk for 30 minutes now and it was clear she was sleeping off already. 

“Yeah…” She replied sluggishly, scratching her cheeks. “We can make use of this place.”

He nodded as he maneuvered the wheels. He moved forward a bit and he honked approaching the gate into the restaurant. 

“Let’s just have lunch here…” Isaac seized talking as he listened to Tina’s phone ring out. They locked a contact and Tina bridged it, as she searched into her bag for her phone. 

The Id made her feel shock. Isaac saw it. He saw the name. Adams!

“Hey! I am fine. Can you call me back. Thanks.” She ended the call.

“Who is he?’ Isaac asked from the side of his mouth. He packed well behind a blue Nissan as he waited for an explanation. 

“No one.” Tina said. 

Isaac smiled and he unlocked the door making sure Tina could climb down herself. 

“Who is he?” He asked again.

She looked up at him with a smile that caused a wave of confusion. He wasn’t sure of what she meant. -Does she want this conversation later? Seems so.- He knew the type of girl she was. She would never keep a thing. 

“Can we have this conversation later?” She said touching his shoulder. He smiled then he nodded. He pulled his lips closer to her cheek and he pecked her. She allowed him and after then she climbed down of the car. 

It was a big restaurant and nothing seemed to be out of place. It was cool inside with big Ac fixed in distinct ends. The flowers trapped in vases were a perfect blend with the wall design. Tina got carried away she felt like touch it. The floor were tied and the designs on the wall said a lot about art. The owner of the restaurant must be a lover of act. 

Isaac reached out for Tina’s hands as they moved around to get an unreserved seat having been helped by a security man. Isaac did the last thing she would have expected. He locked his fingers in hers and he made her feel he could show her to the world. 

Tina was the kind of girl everyman would want to work with it. Isaac had proven that. They got to an unreserved seat and the first thing Isaac did after they sat was to reach out for her hands. He made her lock a gaze with him and he rubbed his thumbs against the back of her palm. She let her guards loose and she smiled. He could see her upper teeth been let out of hiding. She wanted to ask why all this? But her thoughts got ruined when Isaac phone rang out. They both looked down. ‘SANDRA’ That was the caller’s Id. Isaac stretched to pick up the phone quickly like he was trying to stop Tina from seeing who the caller was. She noticed all that and she began to wonder why Sandra would call him. A bell struck in her head and she felt something was wrong. Her mind went back to the morning she suspected Sandra had slept over with Isaac but she was just too blank to put together pieces of fact. 

©Godwin Okhuoya