Love me no more Eps21

Adams spent the rest of the evening in victor’s shabby hostel. They watched some movies on victor’s old laptop and soon they began to talk. Victor knew something wasn’t right. He had not been catching gist from Adams lately and they was no bigger gist he wanted for now except a talk about Tina. 

“Sooooo you haven’t told me a thing about her.” Victor said rolling sideways on the bed. Adams looked off the laptop’s lip, his face reflected curiosity. 

“Which girl?” He asked.

“Which other girl? The same girl you acted like you were going to die for.”

“ Tina!... We’ve started talking.”

“For real!” Victor got off the bed with his kneels still on it as he landed Adams a shake.

“Guy! Yah bad oooo.” Victor added.

“Not like that. We are still friends.”

“What about her boy friend?”

Adams laughed. “She has not even mentioned him. Well, if all you have said is true. I better expect that.”

“But wait! How are you going to get all this settled.” “All what!” Adams looked with curiosity. 

“All your right hand baes… now.” Victor replied, and then he waited earnestly for a reply.

Adams remembered Victor knew about all his runs and he imagined how untrue it would sound if he told him he had broken up with all his girls. 

“I have broken up with all of them.”

“You did what?” 

Adams closed the laptop and he dropped it on the rug close to the bed. He adjusted his seating position on the bed and he faced Victor whose heart was burning with doubt. None of Adams words sounded true.

“See there is no way I can explain this but it is true. I don’t believe it myself”

Victor laughed and he rubbed his hands against his feet. He sighed and he looked up at Adams again.

“Are you forgetting Yemisi.” Adams nodded sideways. 

“Are you sick? You broke up with yemisi?”

“Yeah I did. She even came to my hostel this evening to start a war, but there is nothing I can do.

Adams went mute as he grabbed a magazine. He began to thumb through it then Victor stood up and he snatched it from him angrily. Victor dropped the magazine on his reading table and he returned to Adams to lead a longer conversation. He was keen on convincing Adams that his moves were wrong.


Yemisi ajao, a dark skinny girl who had been in a long term relationship with Adams; sat in the reception of a big café. She checked her wrist watch repeatedly like she was hurrying off to somewhere and she prayed under her breathe that it doesn’t get darker than it was. She had been in the café for over an hour now waiting for a Tawa. She had to discuss what was happening in her relationship with her. Tawa was the one who felt Adams was the right guy for her, and now she felt the whole idea was wrong. She never believed Adams wasn’t hers anymore. The same guy she spent a lot on. The same guy she gave her time and body. She had done a lot more than she could spill to anyone for Adams. Even more than some married women could hit their chest and be proud of. She wondered why he still had to leave her. 

Yemisi picked up her phone and she stared at her reflection off the phone’s screen shield and she frowned. 

-Am I not beautiful enough? I am not? Why will he leave me for someone else- She doubted suddenly that all that she heard was true. But she was sure Tawa’s presence will help her out of her mystery. 

She looked up at the man in blue waist coat and a tag. She smiled, lifting up a finger. 

“Few more minutes.” She said. He smiled then he bowed and he walked into the main café where a lot of students were seated in pairs with a desktop or a laptop in front of them. 

That was the sixth time the man would show up. On the fifth she told him she wasn’t there to browse but to see a friend. 

The café door opened and a lady walked in. She had an oval lens glasses on. She didn’t bother to wait in the receptionist. She walked into the main café straight away. Yemisi bowed down, depressed; her heads on her legs. She knew she was going to get her late night make up ruined but she doesn’t care any longer. She wished the next person who would walk in was Tawa. 

The man with the tag came up again. This time, he was chewing up a frown. 

“Mar. I think…”

“It’s ok.” She said, standing up to her feet. She slipped her wallet out of her bag and she maneuvered a five hundred naira note into the guys hand. He folded his hands against it with a smile and he watched her walk out of the café. He admired her structure. Her long legs and edgy waist made him to try recollecting how she looked. He regretted not taking note of all of that. Her long and flowing wig was all she left in his head as a good bye note.  

©Godwin Okhuoya