Love me no more Eps 20

Tina looked back and she confirmed if Isaac will be unseen from where she had him hidden, but she was sure he couldn’t be in there for long. -Any Idea. No! I will have to take mum out if her stay becomes long-

She rubbed her hands against her trouser, mopping off sweat and she went for the lock. She didn’t miss the cross sign, feeling that would have her saved. Her hands went for the knob and she pulled the door to herself then she gasped in disbelieve.

Tina stepped out of her room and she peered into the hallway. No one was there. Not anyone’s shadow. She wondered why she was scared at first. But that had no meaning now. Her mum had successfully played the trick. She still doubted it was a trick so she went back into the room for her phone. She could hear Isaac whisper from a far but she made him go quite with a sign. 

“Mum!” Her voice went high.


“You tricked me.”

“Yes baby I did.”

“And what was that for.” Tina’s pitch went high. 

“See. Cele don’t kill me with questions…” There was a brief silence from the other end and this came in next. 

“Your father is around.” The voice said again. 

“Really!” Tina replied. 

“Shey ma ma paro fun e ni… you better come and hook him up before he flies over to Portugal by weekend.”

Tina smiled. “So what’s the plan?” 

“You should come to Ibadan tomorrow ooo… I tried tricking him to lets us come visit you today, but you know your father now.” 

“Thank God you guys didn’t come.” 


“It is nothing. Come and be going, mama.” Tina said with relief and she ended the call. 

She beamed with joy and she rushed over to where she hid the love of her life. 

She moved towards a long shelf standing close to the wall. She lifted one end of it and she moved it forward. Isaac slipped out from behind it, beads of sweat on his for head.

“She didn’t come.”

“Yeah!” She replied and she moved closer to him and he stretched out his hands and he pulled her closer. 

“I love you.” Isaac said calmly. He watched the smile on her face and he was happy the argument was never going to spring up. Not even tonight. 

She pleaded he stayed one more night so he could drive her down to Ibadan the next day and he agreed. 


Few people stayed in the corridor of a hostel in stadium and a bike parked in front of it. 

Adams climbed down the bike and he had the bike man paid. He shoveled two notebooks out of his armpit and he moved closer to the hostel crossing a gutter. He ignored the guy in the corridor, not greeting any of them. They laughed after he had left the corridor and one of them watched him move down the narrow passage. 

Adams faced his door and he unlocked it with his key. Smoke filled the passage and he coughed randomly with a strained hope for his door to open up quickly. He got in and he slammed his door close, resting on it. He coughed repeated and soon his face turned red. He wanted the rough life. He wanted to live away from school and now he was getting it all. The designs on his walls made his room look like paradise, and the main hostel like hell. There was no way hell could harbor paradise. Everyone who stepped into his room had not said lesser than two words. ‘Very beautiful.’ He had not to tell them he was staying in town because of funds. His 42 inches flat screen and his well equipped shoe rack portrayed the fact that he had money. 

He jumped on his bed without pulling off his cloths and he closed his eyes planning a long rest. Lecture had been tight. He had no break all day. 

He was almost sleeping off when his door flew opened. He jumped off immediately and he calmed down seeing the face was familiar. 

“Baby!” He said as he moved closer to her and she pushed him out of her way.  She moved closer to his bed and she picked up his phone. 

She knew his password, so it was no restriction for her. She went to his logs and when she was done checking she looked up at him like a wild lion. 

“I didn’t see it.” Adams threw up a bag of explanation. 

“You didn’t see what? I have been calling you all day. What was the meaning of the text you sent me.” He looked up at her and he couldn’t impede a smile. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He said and he lowered his height, seating on his bed. 

“I need to rest.” He added.

“So after all I did for you. After all that we had together. You still went ahead to leave me, was all those sex not enough.” He flicked his eyes opened and he glared at her. 

“Who is Celestina?” She asked. Adams sprang off his bed and he went for her shoulder. 

He grabbed her shoulder and he shook her. “Who told you about her.” 

©Godwin Okhuoya