Love me no more Eps2

Tina (Celestina) couldn't withstand it no more. She knew she had done something very wrong. She felt his eyes was on her as she walked away. Not sure if she was angry or remorseful. 

She waved down the first bike that came her way and she rode down to Hosanna hostel opposite PGD inn under G. She came down, paid the bike man and she walked towards her hostel gate. She got there and she noticed she had forgotten her purse, outside the hall where she sat. She called back the bike man and she rode back to the event hall, in the thick cold. She felt the cold cutting through her skin as the biker moved through the rugged road. 

She felt she had done it wrong and it was hitting her back. Isaac was the next thing that came across her mind. She wished he was with her right at the moment. She missed him like never before. It had been three months she had seen him and it had been four days now she had heard his voice on phone.

She knew, he been around would have made him followed her to the event. He would have stayed with her, and Dele would have not been chanced to come meet her. 

She knew her friends back there would be vexed at her for not letting them know before she left. 

She paid the bike man off this time and she looked around. She moved towards the hall and she shut her ears off the noise coming from the hall. 

She sighted her purse and she picked it quickly. She decided to go in this time and pull out Sandra by the ear. She adjusted her skimpy gown by pulling it down and she made it into the hall. 'DADDY YO' was the song the D.J had on repeat and before she was done locating Sandra. The D.J had the song changed to 'PANA.' The song's speed had been increased and this enhanced a quick body movement from the listeners. 

Tina grabbed Sandra on the wrist, pulling her attention. The noise was much so they could hardly hear each other. 

Sandra followed her out and as soon as they got outside. War broke out. Tina was vexed at Sandra for delaying her. She had not told her about the previous incident when Dele showed up behind them. 

He moved closer and Tina noticed him. She had stop talking and Sandra was busy, trying to pass her an information in between a scream. 

"Sandra." Dele began. She stopped talking and she looked back. Her face fell on Dele's.

"Dele, you also came for the party." She asked, twisting her hair as she flashed a beam.

"If I am not here. Who else will be."

"Ohhh. P.R.O" She said, nodding.

Tina had a struggle deep down in her and she didn't know if she should tell Dele she was sorry or just watch and listen to what he had to say. 

"Sandra, please... Can you help me tell Tina, that I am sorry." Dele let out. Tina stared blankly not knowing what to say. She should be the one apologising. 


A guy rolled on a big bed. He slid out of a thick blanket and he stretched towars the switch which was close to the bed. He thumbed it and the light went on. He climbed out of the bed naked and he stretched again. He moved closer to a table positioned at the far end of the room and he picked up an almost emptied bottle of gin. He emptied it down his throat and he tightened his lids against each other. 

There was a movement on the bed and a lady slipped out of the blanket unclad. She was a thin girl with a long figure. She leaned towards the ground and she picked up her thong then she pulled it on. She sat at the end of the bed and she looked up noticing the guy had been staring her all through. 

"don't tell me you want more." She said. The guy walked up to her and he pushed her against the bed. He climbed on her and he moved his lips closer to her left ear.

"Isaac always want more." He whispered. 

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