Love me no more Eps 19

Isaac looked left and he noticed Tina was struggling on the bed. She was fast asleep and it had been for a while now. He felt like he was connected to her. For him to have taken off his ear piece like that wasn’t normal. He stood off the plastic arm chair he was seated and he moved closer to bed. It was like she was struggling with someone. He sat close to her on the bed mutely, and on the other hand was he fighting so many thoughts. She was beautiful. Watching a beautiful lady sleep would make the most desperate man in the world run mad. He looked around and he confirmed if the door was locked. It was. Sandra had gone out to see a friend and there was no way she could be back. Not even now. 

He went for her tight blouse and he stopped mid way. His right hand was vibrating, as he held it with his left hand. He wasn’t going to do this. He thought. He stood up and before he turned away, the struggle began again. –She is having a bad dream- He went for her shoulder and he delivered a gently tap. She almost jumped off the bed, but he caught her back. Sweat broke out of her pores, and her eyes had gone red. She was panting hard for breath as she swallowed her spit forcefully. He took her hands and he held it in his. That was one relief formula he had learnt all his life. It might work for no one else, but Tina was a victim of the formula.

“What happened?” Isaac asked. She closed her eyes, arching her neck in a bend. 

Isaac drew closer to her and he pulled her close to himself. 

“Was it a dream?” He asked again. She responded this time with a nod, as she made her lips moist and she broke down again, frightened.

“It’s alright baby. Can it be shared?”

“Baby something terrible almost happened.”

‘Terrible!” His eyes widen, scaring his socket. “What really happened?” he asked again.

She picked up a deep breath instead of a reply and she rested on his chest. His blossom was a representation of protection to her. She felt save around him. His presence meant security. This she had felt even on the very first day they met. 

“Promise me. Baby! Promise me.” She looked him in the eyes. She wasn’t connecting. She noticed. 

“Baby! What’s wrong?” She asked. He took his eyes off hers, and he casted it on the wall far off. 

Her breathe congealed, and she went for his face pulling it down to hers. 

“Baby. I had a dream; I was almost rapped by a friend.”

“Who?” He asked. Seems the talk was no cheap talk. He sounded interested all of a sudden. 

“I feel like I am driving the wrong path. Every time I rest on your chest, I feel secured, not this time.” 

“Nothing is wrong Sweet.”

“Then look me in the face.”

 He gathered up strength and he looked her in the face. They had their Face against each other for seconds and he broke the contact again, looking away. 

“Isaac, what did you do?”

“Nothing!” He replied stridently, climbing down the bed. She wanted to follow him but something stopped her. Her phone rang out seconds later and she began to search desperately for it. She was still vexed about everything and she thought that was stopping her mind from helping with the search. She found it wrapped up in her bed spread after a minute. The caller ID she saw pulled a string of shock connected to her vein and she coughed then she picked up the call.

“Hello mum.”

“Baby mi, how are you?”

“Fine mar.”

“Where are you?’

“I am in my hostel. Do you want me home.”

‘That won’t be necessary. I am in front of your room. Come open up.” Tina started in doubt. Everything on her mind at the moment had gone off and she was totally blank. 

 “Which door?” she asked again for clarity. 

“Your hostel door. Come open up jare.” The voice hit her.

“Oo..k…k…k..k.” She stammered and she ended the call. Isaac already had an earpiece on so she doubted he heard the conversation. If he had heard he would be hiding in the roof now. 

©Godwin Okhuoya