Love me no more Eps18

Tina stood off, meters away from a plastic table with books scattered on it. Her eyes picked up the cover of a Zoo 201 manual and a Bio 201 manual. She smiled, not knowing what to say. 

'So you live here.' That doesn't sound too good. It might hurt his self extreme. She thought. So she didn't say a word. She looked at the blue rug and she smiled again. There was no seat around. She moved closer to a bed, positioned close to the wall and she sat on it. 

Dele pulled off his shirt leaving a single on and he walked over to the door. He turned the key in the lock hole and he removed it.

There was a spark in Tina's eyes. She stood up immediately and she smiled playing involuntary with her fingers.

"This is what to expect." He began. A generator roared to life from the outside his room and the lights in the room went on. 

She still wasn't sure of what was happening. So she asked another question.

"Can we go out. It feels stuffy I. here."

"That's why I had that on." He moved closer to her, staring at her pale face. This wasn't what she expected. She only agreed to visit him that night and say thank you to him for  assisting her earlier in the day.

"Two things might happen tonight." He began as he took off the silver wrist watch, dangling around his wrist. 

"Someone in here is going to get raped. And raped over again." His wrist watch dropped into the ground and before she could attempt a scream. He went for her mouth. He leveled his second hand strongly around her and he jerked her up into the air, flinging her said ways. She crashed into the ground and he watched her groan in pain on the floor. He moved away from her and and he went over to operate the old stereo on the left side of the room, opposing the bed. He thumbed a button here and there and sounds filled the air. 

She knew what that meant and she regretted she had not started a screaming campaign earlier. She was going to be raped.


A table far off with few bottles was at the end of a bar. Chief Abraham was seated and two other men were there with him. One directly opposite him and one on his right.

He tapped his finger against the table gently as he watched the two men work their way with the drink, running down their throat. They weren't going at easy with the drink. 

Chief waited for them to be done with the last bottle and he asked if they wanted more.

"Just one more." The man opposite chief, with a chunky beard said. He called in the waiter and he asked for one more bottle of the same drink they had just finished. 

The chief watched out, his eyes broke through and he was on the check. He wanted to get out of the bar as quick as possible but this meeting was important. He wished they didn't waste more time. The highest he could do was wait patiently again. They might need a bottle more or two, he was sure they would be fine even if they emptied the whole bar. 

"Chief... Thank you ooo." The man on his right said. Chief Abraham flushed a foster smile. He was already boiling up in the native attire he wore. He felt his belle was pushing hard against his shirt so he adjusted his shirt. 

"Chief so what do we do to the blogger." 

Chief looked up. 

"Do we kill him." The guy on the right said, raising the chief's brow.

"May be" The chief replied. "I guess you guys have warned him."

"Yes we did warn him." The guy on the right said frankly. He pulled the bottle closer and he poured himself another drink.

"what's his name again." Chief asked. 

"Isaac Jimoh."  The man with the chunky beards answered.

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