Love me no more Eps 17

  Isaac got dressed and just as he was about to hit the street of Ogbomosho. Tina got a call that gave her mood a radical change. Dele wanted her in the H.O.D’s office. She knew what the call was about, but she wasn’t going to tell him. She had been keeping the pressure away from him for a while just for love’s sake. She said it was no problem so he insisted that he took them to school. They were all well dressed and they rode off. The wait outside the H.O.D’s office got long with Dele seated in a corner, staring at his hope. He never saw anything good in Isaac. He never admitted he was cuter neither did he admit that Tina loved him more.

Sandra sat on one of the long chairs positioned close to the wall with her phone close to her face.

She pulled Isaac out of the waiting room into the corridor.

“I want to tell you something. Promise you won’t be vexed. I should have told you a long time ago.” She said. She looked narrowly into his eyes and she saw the spark of curiosity, now he was eager to listen to her.

“What’s it.” He asked, his breathe hardening after the question. 

“I have an issue in school.”

“Did you fail?” He asked. She nodded negatively and before she could speak on he was already hitting her with an over loaded truck of guess. 

“Noooo. Isaac, listen to me. You are not even guessing right.” 

“Ok… what’s it.” He asked again, trying to be relaxed.

“It’s the H.O.D”

“What happened? You failed his course? I told you…”

“Nooo” She broke in again, trying not to laugh. “He wants me in bed with me.” She spilled out and she watched his face grow pale. She could smell anger in his breathe. 


Sandra was bored of the long wait and all she could do was chew gum. She was aware of the issue and playing games or chatting would have been the worst emotional response. 

Dele walked out of the H.O.D’s office and they all looked up. Isaac got up as quick as possible, reaching Dele before anyone else. He never liked the Idea, so he demanded he see Tina alone.

“I am her Man. Speak in front of me.” Isaac said authoritatively to Dele. 

“Noooo. Let me see her alone.” Dele replied. No one else in the waiting room knew about this, except the four. Everyone else was just throwing up guesses. But the face around looked like ones of people facing the same situation with Tina or ones bribing up their way for higher grades. 

Dele held Tina on the shoulder as he spoke, almost in a whisper.

“If you can get a hundred thousand naira today, he would over look your body.” 

She sighed and she hit her heads on her palm. She knew what an hundred thousand naira was. Getting it was no issue, but her parent would not approve cash so quick and not even as much as that without a genuine reason. They were rich with a detailed knowledge about economics. Just a call to her dad, filing a report against the H.O.D would have the H.O.D out of office. She wished her dad was well know with his surname instead of his nick. It would have prompted the H.O.D not to go for her. 

Tina got back in and she began to search her bag for her debit card. She felt she still had some cash. She wanted to be sure so she would know how much she needed more. She whispered all Dele had told her to Isaac and Dele watched from afar with a knife of jealousy against his chest. 

Isaac got up all of a sudden and in 20 minutes he was back with an envelope. He didn’t make the mistake of telling Tina what it was. He never met her there, so it was easier. He handed over the cash to Dele, then he called Tina. The way she responded gave him Intel she was in the bank. He told her he had paid for her and he ended the call quickly. Imagining how she would have screamed life out of his ear. He knew one of the few things she hated was her bills been paid.

He knew she was going to break his head before saying thank you. 


Dele got back to his hostel Three-thirty-seven. He regretted leaving home at first and he felt it was a whole waste fighting for Tina. She barely said more than a thank you. All he had been doing had never moved her. Isaac picture popped up in his head and he got pissed off to the extreme, and he regretted every meeting him. All that came to his head was Tina getting laid by Isaac while he stays on the sideline. 

One thing came on his mind and he smiled at the Idea. It was a great one. He thought. If Tina wasn’t going to date him after all he had done, then he would have to arrange a rape soon. All he wanted now was all he felt she had given Isaac and he had not tasted. Her body! His Intel pushed him harder and he felt kicking up his Idea that night would make him sleep in peace . 

©Godwin Okhuoya