Love me no more Eps 16

Isaac sat behind his laptop and he frowned. His traffic was hitting the bar and he had issues with visitors. He was posting less than he once used to. But after a close research he noticed his facebook advert had been suspended. He had had issues with his debit card, and that was one way he had generated a lot of traffic to his blog.

Tina reached over to him with a cup. She pulled an idle armless chair closer to him and she rested on his shoulder.

“You should be dressing up now. I said I would be taking you out for lunch.” Isaac said as he emptied the water in the cup down his throat. He was too desperate to quench his thirst. She looked up at and she shrugged.

“I haven’t even taken the breakfast Sandra cooked.”

“She cooked Rice and beans.”

“I can smell it.” She replied curtly.

He adjusted the lid of his macbook and he grazed her hair gently. They both smiled looking deep into each other’s eyes.

“I love you.” She said. It sounded to him like he was hearing that for the very first time. But his conscience burned him. His hands vibrate and he reached out for her hands then he squeezed it in his.

“I love you too.” He replied. Sounds of plates breaking came off the kitchen and they both whirled around. Tina tried to move, but she was held back by Isaac’s hand. She looked him in the eyes again, and she saw his brown eyes, settle a notch in her head and the mental sparks came on. It promised her eternity. His love looked certain. Seconds went by and she was still trapped deep in the realm of thought, finding her way out, looked too difficult too for her. Her path was locked and she was sliding all the way down the love slope.

Isaac coughed and that brought her back. He stood up and he promised to be back. He got a no as a respond, and they both rushed towards the kitchen. The door flew opened and Sandra looked up. She planted a quick smile on her cheek and she continued, picking up the broken piece of plate into a packer. Isaac rushed forward and he helped her pick up piece off the broken plates, while Tina went for the broom. Isaac hands rested on Sandra’s as he helped pushed up the parker. Their eyes met and no one was ready to breach the contact.


"Peter parker. Abi what is that you name self. Shey peter lon je” Chief Abraham Adebayo, a bulged belle man in an over starched agbada yelled.

“I said clean this thing well. Ahah. Just to clean ordinary table.”

“Sorry sir.” The cleaner replied. He pressed a napkin against the long glass center table as sweat broke out his pores.

“So o ti jeunni. Haven't you eaten. Abi what is the meaning of all this.” The man said again. He picked up a newspaper on the chair and he hit it against his palm like he had just picked it off a dust bin.

“See the way you are doing waist. Who employed you self.” There was no reply.

“I said who employed you self.” The man stopped cleaning and he stood upright. “Zaki, sir.”

“Zaki what. Did you finish primary school at all... Zaki kini.”

“Zaki, employed me sir.” The cleaner wavered.

“No wonder! That apari won’t stop bring zombies into my house. To clean ordinary table you want to use 40 days. You for kukuma change am to fasting and prayer section.”

“Take it easy. Baba cele.” A voice reached from the left side of the wide room. The bulged belle man’s eyes moved from the center table far off to the left side of the room settling on a thick woman in a black over long gown. She was in her late forties, a dark tall woman.

“What is the problem naaa. Must everyone know you just arrived, or were you chased out of Italy.” The woman said. The man smiled and he rubbed his belle. Seems his anger had been subdued. He casted his eyes on the woman and he watched her move across the room towards him. She laid a kiss on his lips and she hooked him up in a tight hug.

“Olowo ori mi, pls stop traveling everywhere like a vulture, and lets us enjoy you.” She said.

“Woo sisi. That is not the issue now.” He stopped talking, noticing the cleaner was eavesdropping.

“And will you now break table for me.” The cleaner looked up, raising his hands off the table.

“That table is over a hundred thousand naira ooo.” He looked at his wife. “What is wrong with Zaki self, why does he like bringing mad people to my house to work?”

“I am sorry sir.” The cleaner said bowing.

“Sorry for you self. Ahah. When I did not fall down, which one is now the sorry that you are saying.” The woman rubbed her hands against his belle and she beckoned on the cleaner to go away. She looked away and she noticed a small travelling bag and a brief case was leaning on the ground.

“Why didn’t Francis carry your bags in.”

“See ehn. What is on ground now is more than bag.” He looked at her with his long breads crashing against his chest.

“When did I say I was going to return from Italy.” He asked.


“Ohhhh Ohhh. Now I am here on Tuesday.”

“So what happened.” She looked at him with so much seriousness.

“It is one blogger ooo. Jimoh abi what did they call his name self. Ooooo Nitori olorun.” He grimaced in thought.

“His name is Jimoh jooor.”

“Hmm hmmm. What did he do? Did he tackle your organization.”

“Exactly! You know that our new headquarter that collapsed last year when we were trying to raise one more floor on top and it killed 120 workers.”

“Hmmm hmmmm.” She shrugged.

“Yes, the idiot went to write about it and so many negative comments came in through his blog.” She hissed.

“So what is it? It has collapsed, it has collapsed. Are the people going to take you to court?”

“Shey oder ni e ni. Are you ok at all. I want to go for house of rep, is it only you and cele that will vote me in.”

She hissed again and she spoke up.

“That reminds me. I was thinking we go surprise your daughter with a visit.”

“Which of my daughter is that?” He frowned.

“How many daughters do I have for you? Se e gbadun.”

“Shey celestina… See I cannot be dancing on the road from Ibadan to Ogbomosho to see one yeye daughter oo.”

“My daughter is not yeye. Chief eat that. We will fly to Ilorin and from there move to ogbomoso.” She responded.

“See I don’t have time tomorrow joor.” He grumbled and he took his legs off the ground, resting it on the table.

“We will go today.” She said authoritatively. He looked up at her and he wasn’t sure if he should frown or curse.

©Godwin Okhuoya