Love me no more Eps 15


Sandra got to the door of her room and she knocked. She heard the lock been pulled from behind, coming next was Isaac’s face. He grinned, stepping out of her way and he allowed her.

She stood apart not sure of how to begin, but her eyes was glued to her phone as she dug out the video. She looked up again and she was caught in between Isaac’s angry gaze. He wasn’t sure of what she was doing. But he doubted she was up to something as he struck Tina’s hair gently. She turned on him and she pressed him against the bed. She pulled a pillow closer and she pressed it against his face.

“Tina!” Sandra began. They both stopped their play and they looked at her. Isaac knowing the danger in the air jumped off the bed launching a different conversation.

“It is ok.” Isaac began. “Tina was once angry with you.”

“Yeah I was very very angry.” Tina added, nodding.

“But Tina you still have to thank her. She rescued me from sleeping in your corridor.” They both laughed and she joined them. She was a bit scared and now she was planning of shoveling down the idea of showing the video.

“I…” She began again. They weren’t listening and now she was looking like a fool, for trying to save her friend. It was going to be of no advantage. She ate it up. She would go into blackmailing Isaac, having more sex with him.

She went towards the edge of the bed watching them play and her conscience same up like a plastic trusted into the water.

“Are you two not going to listen to me.” She yelled out. They both stopped playing, looking up at her. She caught Isaac’s look behind her and she wasn’t sure of what she wanted to do.

“I am hungry.” She said. They both hissed making her looked stupid.

“But for real. I dey vex. Why will you wear my favorite top.” Tina began. Isaac listened and he gave Sandra a terrible look as Tina spoke.

They settled it all and Isaac promised to take them out for lunch. Not long after Tina slept off leaving Isaac and Sandra all alone in the kitchen to make breakfast.

Isaac leaned against the kitchen wall and his eyes craved around Sandra’s figure. She was hot and tempting but he swore within himself that he wasn’t going near her again.


Dele scaled the stairs till he got to the second floor he felt he should wait and pant, but that was not necessary he thought. The bike that brought him from yoalco dropped him at the school gate because he had no helmet on so he wasn’t allowed in, making him run  down from where he had been drop to the departmental complex. He went in through the first door he saw and his eyes went around the room quickly. He spotted the class rep standing in a corner, running an explanative easy to a short man with a scanty beards and a brown undersized shirt.

Dele moved closer and he gave the man a gesture to excuse him for a minute. He pulled away the rep and he looked into the fat rep’s eyes.

“What did he say.” He asked, holding unto the rep’s shoulder. The rep said nothing but he turned around giving Dele a sign to follow him out.

They got to the corridor with the noise from the complex been shut off a bit.

“See…” The rep stopped talking and he looked left and right, no one was close enough to eavesdrop. His eyes came back staring at dele’s face.

“She is one of those the H.O.D wants to sleep with, and he said. He will fail them until he gets their back on his bed.”

Dele sighed. “If you know her. I expect you call her and tell her not to pull the mater at all. Either she sleeps with him or she forgets about graduating.” The rep added.

“Don’t you know her?”


“Who is she.”

“Tina! that tall beautiful slim girl that represented our department in the last faculty beauty contest.” Dele said.

The rep’s eyes shot a bullet of curiosity.

“I don’t know her as Tina.”

“But you do know her.”

“Yes, I do.” The rep said, raising his hands towards his lips.

© Godwin Okhuoya