Love me no more Eps14

It wasn't like she had seen Sandra slip out of the room. But she felt her presence. It was strong. The wardrobe looked scattered. Her night gown was out of place.

"She came to open the door for me, picked up her nighty and she came back this morning to change again." Isaac said. He could see the disappointment in Tina's eyes and he wanted to say 'Sorry. I never wanted to do it. She forced me'

"She won't listen." Tina erupted. He smiled with relief rushing down his heart. -She didn't find out.-

"So she went to Tayo's room with this?" She held out the night gown. She shook her head and she stuffed the nighty back into the wardrobe with a tried look deposited on her face. She moved towards the kitchen and Isaac followed her, still glad she missed the whole truth. He was never going to tell her.

"I am damn hungry." He muttered, his lips close to her ear as he held her from behind, pinning her to himself. 

She smiled, washing her hands. 

"I am tired now." She said.

"I know." He replied. She turned around, looking him in the face. His brown eyes, securing a contact with hers. 

"I love you." She said.

He smiled and planted a soft seductive kiss on her neck. "I love you to." She laughed out pulling him closer. 

"At times. I get scared. I am not giving you what other girls give to their man..."

"And you are scared, I would be looking else where for satisfaction." He completed it for her and he ran his tongue against his lips. 

Soft! She imagined it would be, crushing her lips against his. She took it off her head quickly and she noticed he had been stating for a while. 

"What are you thinking about?" Isaac asked. 


"I know. Don't be scared. I am always here. I won't leave." He sounded more confident than ever. He led her to the bedroom and he pushed her on the bed. He pulled off his shirt right beside her and he whispered, climbing up on her. He laid a kiss on her fore head and he smiled. 

"Take a rest. Let me go cook you something."

"Nooo. Sandra will be here soon." 

"I came to make you happy." He said, standing off her. He moved towards the kitchen and he stood in the door way. He looked back and he saw her turning on her face. He liked her down to her structure. He wished he could let him in just once. 


Sandra sat on the edge of a bed. Light from her phone filled her face and on the main bed was a naked guy with a bed spread covering just his legs. 

She was just done with another round of sex. Now sex was like a prescribe drug to her. Addiction should be the right word. She watched the video she had recorded with her phone and she became unstable. She moved on the bed as her breath got harden. She got to a part where the video went dark. That was when she turned the light off. The video was still playing but she could see nothing. 

She ended the video and she looked around, far off was an extension box coming off an open outlet. She found a charger there and she plugged her phone. 

She thought about what she was to do with the video. Tina had been a good friend and if she saw the video that might end their friendship. She was probably going to blackmail Isaac. She thought over it for a while and she felt it would be better to get Tina out of her untrue relationship and loose her as a friend than keep the video and let the heat of friendship make her shrink. She must have been a bad friend. But she felt Tina deserved the best. Tina was a beautiful intelligent friend whose moral compass would be what every lady would pray for her daughter to have. She stood up and she unplugged her phone. She moved across the room towards the exit with a determined mind to get back to her room, give Tina her phone and make her watch the video. 


Dele Akomolafe stood against a dusty mirror. His ghost was wet and he was too busy to loosen the towel running around his waist and wipe his body dry. He studied his face and his head came next. He looked at his head encroaching from both side of his ear. Baldness was knocking. He stretched and he picked up his special hair cream. He applied it aggressively all over his head and he took out a little portion then he applied it on the side of his head. It burnt into his scalp and he wanted tightened his teeth. 

Staying all night with Tina was fanatic. He would have preferred reading in his room though. One day she would say yes he thought. Maybe after the 397th time. 

A wooden hander with few cloths reflected behind him. He stopped with a brush against his hair. He just head his phone buzz. It was a quick one. -That must be a text-

He rushed for his phone on his low lying bed with his hands holding the edge of towel on his waist.

It was a text from 'SLT REP' He opened the text and his eyes went through this.

'Do you know any Celestina Adebayo. Call me now we need to reach her.' His eyes narrowed as he dialed his class rep's line. 

"Hey!" The voice came over.

"Good morning. Got your text."

"Do you know her." 

"Yes I do. What exactly happened."

"The H.O.D just dropped her number. Six of her scripts are missing, meaning just one of her courses will come out with a grade."

"Darn. She must have offended the Head."

"Yeah... What do we do."

"I will be in school in two hours time. Let's see the Dean about it." Dele said.

"Wait is she hot." The voice broke in.

"Why asking."

"I need to know so we can know how to approach the dean. She must be one of those she's he desperately want in his bed."

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