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*3Hours Ago*

Isaac woke up and he felt a stung in his head. It wasn't right. He looked left and he felt the hardening breathe coming up beside him. It irritated him. The bed was soaked with sweat and he sniffed. He went for his face with his hands and he rubbed it. He shouldn't have. Jealousy was kicking him off to the edge. There was even no prove Tina cheated. The guy he saw could have been a regular friend. 

He felt Sandra's hand going for his arms and he broke free waking her up.

"This isn't right." He said under his breathe. 

"Bae... Last night was fantastic." She mumbled. He said nothing and he he tried locating his cloths in the dark room.

-Not sandra.- It came up in his head like a voice. 

she thumbed a button close to the bed and a white light illumed the room, flushing off a bulb overhead. 

He regretted every of his action and as he struggled to put on his cloth, his face met hers. She was still laying naked on the bed and all he saw was a log of wood. He wasn't moved a bit. Now he began to feel a strong form of hatred for her. But he couldn't say a word about the previous night.

"You should change now." He said to her. Flipping her her night gown. She grabbed it and he gave him a seductive look. 

"Can't we do something. It is morning. The cold is much." 

"No." He slammed. He moved towards the edge of the bed and he began to button up his shirt. She crawled on the bed and reaching him she held his shirt, pulling him closer. He caught her wrist and he flung her towards the bed. 

"Last night was a mistake." 

"Oh really!" She looked up at him, feeling comfortable. 

"Get your pants on. She will be here in few hours. You can go ahead to tell her what happened and stop been her friend or you eat it up and act straight. And I will tell her that you left the room for me." Isaac said. He always had a way of kicking himself out of trouble. 

Sandra looked at him and she wondered the kind of man he was. She watched him make it into the rest room and with speed, She moved across the room towards a plastic reading table close to the wall. She picked up her phone where she had gently leaned it against the wall. On her screen was a prompt that her storage was full. She had been recording all that happened. It was all a big set up to get ride of Isaac. She frowned seeing her battery was low and he turned off the phone.

Isaac got out of the bathroom and he noticed she was already in a bump short and an armless round neck. 

He sat on the bed and he fell on it with his back.

"So where will you go now. She mustn't know we slept together in the same room. She is going to suspect. She knows who I am. You can't resist me."

"Oh... Keep that." she said, then she went for her phone again. She turned it on and she waited for it to initialize, then she forwarded a call to 'Tayo room mate'.

"Good morning." She caught the sharp voice from the other end.

"You didn't even let the phone Is there anyone there with you...Good! Open up the door I am coming." She ended the call and her eyes struck Isaac face. She wanted to tell him to kiss her. Then she wondered how he got close without been notice. She liked him now, even more than before and she felt she would snatch him from Tina.

"How are you going to do it." He asked. His breath hitting her face.

"I am leaving for you." She said and she grabbed her phone.

She was sure she won't be showing Tina the video but she knew she would black mail hell out of Isaac's life. She was keen on having more sex with him and sourcing cash from him. Just her usual trick. 

The door slammed close behind her and Isaac went for the bed. He fell face flat on it and he let out a low pitched scream with the bed spread shielding his mouth. 



Tina walked in and she was surprised Isaac was seating on the bed flipping through her picture album.

"Boo." She called with a hook of excitement in her voice.

He smiled as she jumped on him. 

"Is this your way of throwing up surprises." She said. Looking into his brown eyes. It has been ages but she was surprised it was like they were together all night. The string had always been there. He went for her lips and she blocked his path with her fingers. 

"You are forgetting the rules."

"Oh!" Isaac exclaimed. He was trying all his best so she won't be suspicious. He had always wanted her gone. But now he didn't know why he wasn't leading a break up. 

" You called last night. I am sorry I lied. I was in silvax for night class. Then one of my friend came over again to disturb me." She looked into his eyes and she was surprised she was telling him all this. 

Isaac locked a gaze with her. He would know if she was lying. She wasn't. The guy he had seen was no one. He had just cheated on her with her room mate without an excuse. 

Isaac shaded a smile as he watched her move towards her wardrobe.

"So tell me. You came down form Ilorin to surprise Celestina. Hope there is no problem."

"Not at all. I was missing you so I wanted to tell you that you mean more than work and education to me." She blushed. -He hasn't changed. He is still the friend that made me smile. He has just been busier.- 

Tina pulled open the ward robe and she glared.

"Did...Sandra...Sleep over!" She asked slowly. Her eyes blazing with curiosity. Isaac held on to the bed spread. He had never seen her look this way. He knew it was all over. Sandra finally had her way. She must have left something behind to tell Tina she left over in the room. All he had left was to convince her that nothing happened. But he was sure that was close to impossible. 

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