Love me no more Eps12.

"It is nothing." Tina said with a thick smile. She was surprised Adams tried, pecking her.

"Why would you have tried that."

"I just felt. It's nothing." Adams said.

"I know it is. May be for you. But to be honest, I am in a good mood." She kicked wandering strand of hair out of her face.

"I would have done something crazy to you if my mood wasn't good." 

Adams let out a smile. "Now you know I am in SLT." He said.

"I don't believe that." She pushed out her tongue. 

"You don't!"

"Yeah! I don't, but now I am sure you are a student here." Tina added. She felt different with him. She felt free and save. They were moving towards the other end of the hall to get some mint sweet, when she noticed, he was holding her hand. She thought about loosing the grip he had on her, and she touched him, then she had her mind changed. He looked into her eyes and he flashed her a smile. She felt a shock run through her. But it all bounced off like a cheque, not settling in her mind. 

She took his hands off hers and she said a faint 'sorry.'

"Oh..." He exclaimed, like holding her wasn't intentional. 

"I will like to get back now." She said. " I was reading with a friend. And I..." 

"Yeah. You need to go now." He made his lips moist and he gave her shoulder a gently tap. She knew she was naturally attached to cute guys. Adams cuteness was breaking every Ice in her head. His lips attracted her and she felt she would have have to break the rules that had guided her for years. She knew it won't get out of her head.

He got her a mint sweet that would keep sleep out of her eyes and she walked back to where Dele was waiting. She reaffirmed her self that she wasn't crushing on Adams. 

"I love Isaac! I love Isaac!" She said under her breathe. 

Dele's angry look was a welcome. But she wasn't surprised. No guy would have such happen and not frown. 

They went in for few more hours till she was bored and she couldn't take in any more explanation. She slept off some few minutes past two, with her face crashing on her book. And by 4 am she was awake to the wild sound of her alarm. She shut it off with haste and she looked around, seeing the hall had lesser amount of student. 

She looked left, disappointed. Dele still had his eyes glued on his book. He didn't sleep at all. She wished she could love him more for been a book freak. She yawned and he looked up.

"Tired!" He said.

"Yeah. I think I have learnt enough today." 

"So will you go home now?" Dele asked, trapping his third finger between a page of the book he was reading. 

"I will wait till five." She said, driving her head towards the long desk again. She supported her head with her hands and she said weakly. 

"Wake me by Five." Her lids were heavy and she was happy that she was going to dream about Isaac again. 

Dele was too involved in his reading that when he looked up it was past Six. The hall was a bit noisy as people who had stayed all night were picking up their things and finding their ways home. 

He woke her up and she was a bit grateful he didn't wait till Eight. She asked if he was done reading and his 'No' changed nothing. She got out of the school gate and she made use of one of the bikes eagerly waiting outside the school gate. 

She was dropped in front of her hostel and the confusion that arose in her, delayed her from paying the bike man.

"Aunty!" The bike man called.

"Ohhhhh" Her eyes went off the blue corolla sport car packed in front of her hostel. She dug into her bag and she came up with a hundred naira note. 

The bike man rode off and she moved into her hostel with a double mind. It was few minutes past Six. The gate would have been opened at six.

It was Isaac. She thought. The car's colour and plate number couldn't be a coincidence. 

What could he be doing here? Why is he here? His he really here? Those were the questions she had trapped in her mind. 

-Damn! I lied. He must have been in my hostel when he called last night. He is in my room now. He slept there... He called Sandra...Nooooo...Sandra and him all night.- 

She erased the last part of her imagination and she prayed he didn't spend the night alone with Sandra. Even if he did. Nothing would have happened. He trusted him not to be too silly to get her room mate laid. 

She got in front of her room and she saw a guy's shoes outside. It must be Isaac's no doubt.

Sandra's shoe was missing. She took in an air of relief as she stretched out her hands for the door's handle. She pushed it down and she was surprise to see the door fly open. -It had not been locked from within. That must be an error- she thought. She poked her head in almost immediately and she gasped for breath at what she saw.  

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