Love me no more Eps11

Tina dialed Dele's line as soon as she got to Silvax. She was glad about where he sat. He was seated right behind the hall. On the second role, left wing. Seeing his hand's raised, she moved closer to him with an interior motive of sitting right beside him. 

Not as boring as she thought it would have been. Dele laid out all the explanation she wanted the way she wanted it. He went back on the terms she wasn't getting and he let her in on few tips that would make her learn some terms and names. That was all under 30 minutes. 

She took out a break for herself and she decided the remaining part of the teaching would continue in an hour time. 

She like him as a teacher nothing more. Nothing grew. Though she smiled and she did all the needful that would make him not regret passing the cold night with her in a noisy hall full of students. 

She sat close to him since they were on the edge of the roll, with light from her phone filling up her face. 


Adams looked from afar. He had been behind the hall for over six minutes. He knew what she was in. But he went far with his eyes, thinking she would be in front. He missed her and that made him vexed. He sighted some women selling sweats and biscuit close to end of he hall. They had their trays in front of them and just one Lady was patronizing them. He caught her figure from behind. Her long sexy leg and her posture. 

"Tina!" He said under his breathe. He followed her up and he had his emotions blown, finding out that the lady wasn't Tina. 

Now he had to go down the hall and he looked around. It was noisy and everyone had one thing or two they had their attentions on. 

He got stocked at a point with no result and he had to give his sister a call. He confirmed what she wore, it was the same thing he remembered. 

He had been catching some eyes as he moved through the hall. But he wasn't bothered. 


Isaac rode down underG road evaluating his foolishness. Sandra was ready to get laid. But he rejected her. That was actually the best choice. He might cheat on Tina with anybody else but not her friend. He felt he was crazy. He could see it in Her eyes, she wanted him. But Tina had been faithful all through. 

He got to the school gate, believing Sandra would be keen on her promise on not informing Tina about his arrival.

He parked his car in the alumina park and he stepped out. He locked it up, knowing most of the guys around won't challenge him for his actions. Even the security men. If they were not going to let him get into the school compound with his car. They were at least going to let him stay outside.

He slipped in through the school gate like every other student and he moved at bit downward, then he went through the junction they separated CAD center and the senate building, leading to Silvax lecture theater. 


Tina looked off her phone, feeling a prompt to look back. She sighted the tall and broad chested guy behind the hall. His stature caught her attention and his figure struck a key in her head. 

She tapped Dele and told him she would be back. 

Adams! It was him. She moved gently towards him with a smile on her face and then she began to wonder why she stood up at first. He whirled around all at once and he saw her coming for him. 

She stretched forth her hands, still been pushed by a force within. She was glad she saw him again. 

He moved closer, flashing a prompt smile. She got close and he wrapped her in a warm hug, like old lost friends. It amazed her, but she was in his hands already. 


Isaac stood in the door way of the hall and he watched them closely. They did not more than hugs and they held hands. 

His nose flared and he attempted stepping forward. A bolt of jealously shut through his vein. His hands vibrated and he went for his phone. He watched them spoke. She smiled as they conversed, moving towards the other side of the hall.

Isaac moved away from hall and he called her line. It rang over and over again. She didn't pick up.

He guessed she was having fun, and he meant not much to her. She is having a string of affair- He thought. The guy he saw was good looking and that stabbed him deeply. 

He walked out of the school compound and he made it to his car. He checked his phone for time. Ten-TwentyNine. It was obvious that he was disturbed. He picked up his phone and he dialed her line. This time she picked up. She sounded like she paused a discussion. 


"Boo is fine. Where are you." He asked.

"I am in my hostel." She said firmly. He wanted to scream liar but he held it. It was clear. She was also in the cheating game. He looked battered and bashed.

He ended the call without causing an eruption of suspicion in her and he drove back to her hostel.

He got to the gate and he packed his car outside noticing the gate had been locked. Then he called down Sandra and after Five minutes she was down to help him with the gate. He held with him, all that he felt was expensive and they moved in.

Isaac sat on the edge of the bed. It was burning deep down him and now he was regretting he never had a thing to do with Tina. Damn! He can't even tell his friends that he had never kissed her.

All the reasons that made him stick to her was now making him hate her. She said it was her principle. And she made him starve on kisses. All he ever got were mere Hughes and pecks. 

He was deep in thought that he didn't notice the unclad lady standing in front of him.  

"I guess you couldn't bring her home." Sandra said. Isaac looked up. She moved closer to him and she rested her arms on his shoulder. She wasn't shocked he didn't rebel. 

"You caught her with another guy." She continued. He looked up at her and he grabbed her hands. She wanted to let out a scream but she caught his breathe as his face drew closer to hers. He turned her over to the bed and he began to kiss her from the neck. Then he went for her lips. 

©Godwin Okhuoya