Love me no more Eps 1

Celestina Adebayo stood meters away from a dusty mirror in a dim lit room. She moved closer and she gawked at her reflection. She noticed she couldn't see her face well, then she picked up her phone and with the help of her flashlight she adjusted the powder on her face. She was satisfied with the reflection the mirror was showing her, then she picked up her hair brush and with it, she went gently  against her long hair.

 She had not felt so lonely before, all her life. She stared angrily at the mirror and she frowned, then she caught the glimpse of the huge purple lip stick standing on her lips. It was a perfect match with her long purple gown. She admired her beauty through the uttermost reflection she was catching and she couldn't stop her self from falling in love with her self over again. -No wonder guys won't stop disturbing me- She thought.

This was going to be the first dinner award night of the new semester and she regretted the fact that her boy friend won't be following her. She wanted to show him off a bit and let the whole of the faculty know she wasn't just a beautiful lonely girl. 

Her friends came in minutes later and they pulled her out. They already had bikes waiting outside and they all mounted it. They stopped around stadium road right in front of the glass house event center. The beautiful light and the colours attracted them. They knew they had not missed the venue.

They got into the the hall and they dispersed. They all had guys who they had plans to rock the night with, except Tina.

Celestina sat alone and all she did was stare at what was happening. She ignored every wink and eye contact. She cursed under her breathe whenever a guy refuses to take his eyes off her face after so long. 

After thirty minutes they began to give out awards and Celestina bagged one award. Face of Pasa. It was a non voting category but her beauty had made the judges select her.

Not long after, musicians, comedians and word artists were granted the permission to perform. 

Just after the whole event. Celestina got bored of waiting for her friends who couldn't get over the after party Ish and part ways with whosoever was holding them down. She also got bored of replying pending messages on her whatsapp so She sat outside the hall, close to a pillar. 

Right there she sank her face in her phone then she began to hear foot steps approaching her. She looked up, thinking it was Sandra; her room mate coming to tell her she had stopped enjoying the party. 

She frowned. It wasn't who she thought it was. The tall guy lowered his height and he flashed a smile touching her on the shoulder. It was Dele Akomolafe, the PRO of her department. The same guy that had been asking out since she came in for the school pre degree programme. She knew he would tell the same tale again.

"Babe what's up." 

"Fine." She replied calmly. 

"Sit down." She added. She caught the surprise in his eyes but the low light deprived her from seeing his total reaction. 

"Are you lonely." He asked as he sat beside her.

"Not really." She replied flashing a naughty smile. She held his hands in his and she noticed the shock that ran through him. 

"You know I love you." He dived in, taking full control of the moment and the smile on Celestina's face died down.

She stood up all at once and she fought to break free from him.

"Can't you just be my friend." She shirked. 

"You have been asking me out for three years now. And every day you get a no. Now I want us to be friends and you brought up the issues again. I can't date you, Dele. I can't. I like you. You are smart. You are cute. No lady in her right senses won't want to spend an eternity with you. But see I can't." Dele held on to her hands and he kept her eyes focused on his. Her words touched him and he felt she could be his for just the night. He had been in love with her for three years now, and he had not dated anyone just for her sake. 

"But why are you so much in love with Isaac, even when he doesn't care." 

"Excuse me." Celestina retorted. She looked him in the face and glowered. 

"Don't you ever show up in my face again." She flashed a deadly frown as she spoke. " And don't you ever talk about my boy friend's this way again." She whirled around angrily and he pulled her back towards himself. She went mad all of as sudden and she didn't know when she lifted her hands. She already had her palm striking his cheek violently before she got in control of her anger.