It was a lazy night. A night so cold and silent.  A night which could not whisper any words. Basically a night drowned in the sea of indifference.

I sat in my room like a loner. Jumping through pages of dead leaflets of obsolete books. It was very boring even for a born-boring being like me. Yet given that I had no other choice I continued flipping through the lifeless pages. As I read through with no ounce of interest, the wheels of silence twitched to a different location. 

All of a sudden, a meteorite had fallen into the belly of the lifeless night, sweeping everything and anything that had life in them. It was as if a truckload of geysers had been sprinkled into a night that had no soul. 

Voices started trouping into my ears. Soldiers on sentry duty, they wouldn’t wait for a green light from me, they invaded my ears. Pieces of voices like joysticks. So I weaved them together with precision and shrewdness. I tailored them together with dexterity. These voices procreated something that shook the cardinal walls of my world. These unexpected words whispered into my ears that my mother, Caro, was on the edge of tomorrow and could return no more. There wasn’t much I could say about my mood so I touted it a ‘melancholy and betrayal’. 

For if life loved me as much as it claimed, then my gregarious and super healthy mother wouldn’t be giving up the ghost. Maybe if I was good enough and had some metaphysical powers I could save her. Well I was as helpless as a kid whose hands had been chopped off. 

My breathing rate could be heard clamoring through major and feeder roads. In a heartbeat I found myself on a journey to nowhere…well somewhere. I found myself walking briskly down the tied road towards the building that had the temerity and shamelessness to hold my mother captive.

It was cold and crazy but I kept on moving. I would be there in minutes was what I told my self and alas I came closer than ever, seeing the building far off.

It was a building that had been dressed up like a newly presented convert, like an angel thrown from the sky. It had the cross etched on its forehead. I thought, if this building was truly an angel from above, why then does it hold, in its heart, rooms for dying people, dead people and walking but dead people? 

Knowing it held my mother captive; I aimed at the building with so much anger which was to dissipate within seconds.

So I tip-toed like the hands of a hazy clock. I walked in a cloud of so many thoughts and emotions. As I got to the door, my fears reached the sky. They heightened beyond the rooftop. So begrudgingly I shook one hand of the waiting door and opened it within a flash. There…there…she lied!!!!!!!

Momma Caro lied on the sickbed almost lifeless, breathing nonexistent breaths, throwing her head about like a pendulum that hanged on the forehead of a mountain. 

Just there it was as though the light in the tunnel in my stomach had been turned off. I was lost in the land of grief and the land of surprise. I felt like I had been pushed into an ocean of ice. As if the ice age had urinated on me. So slowly tranquilly I opened the keys to my tears and poured as much as I could. Cried to my heart’s content. 

I ran as fat as my dying legs could take me to her sickbed. I got to her bed, and my eyes popped. It was against my will. She lied on the sickbed looking so pale and absent from her world. Isn’t it funny? Someone who joked early on about being the strongest and healthiest woman to have ever lived lied on the sickbed as though she never had strength. She lied there like a pale leaflet from the iroko tree that was about to fall into the pacific ring of fire. 

 There I took her hand and planted a shaky kiss on her hand. I held her tightly. Air couldn’t afford a way through even if it tried. 

I looked up to the skies and called on the God of miracle but I seemed deserted. So without much to do, I planted a heartfelt kiss on her forehead. Cold, refreshing and healing. There, the God of miracle awoke from His unusual slumber and smiled upon us. He lifted his countenance on us and poured on us, his healing powers. Instantaneously the amazing eyebrows that shielded her amazing eyes opened in a speck of time but shut down after a few seconds. I knew she was struggling to open her eyes. Something supersensible was taking place in her body. After minutes of struggling she finally opened her beautiful eyes as wide as the Atlantic Ocean and graced my pale smiley face. There and then, I knew I had given her the kiss of life…..