Scotland 1590 

Bert Audsley returned his sword into his sheath after he had climbed down his horse. He took a scroll off the horse, pulled his head out of his helmet, and he stocked it in between his armpit. Then his gaze went after the kite burning up above the castle. -Something is wrong- he thought. 

He attempted walking through the gatehouse when he was stopped by a guard. "A message for Georgy" "let me have it" The guard opened up his hands and Bert delivered a scroll into his hands. He climbed up his horse with ease, his height had made that possible. He rode out of the castle with a strong feeling that something was wrong. 


A thin man stepped out of the dark. He hastened his steps as the strong wind threw his hood off his head. He pulled it back on with his hands, and he held it tight. He drew closer to the End of the street. He sighted an horse at the end of the street and he took out an air of relief. The height and structure he saw gave him no doubt. It was Bert Audsley the knight.

Bert lowered his head in an attempt to pick up the thin man's whisper. "The king and the queen were murdered." There was a quick bang in Bert head as his ears caught the thin man's Words, Then he knew why Georgy sent him to England to retrieve the scroll. "Georgy had made it out of the gate with the prince. He has plans to form an alliance with the Tromps." "How true is this" Bert asked. The thin man drew out a knife briskly and he pushed it towards his throat. "Stop" Bert said holding his hands. "I believe you." "Get back into the castle and tell no one about this". The man nodded and he pulled on his hood. Bert raised up a Gold coin and he tossed it at the man. The thin man caught the gold coin and he trembled as he stared at it, laying between his palm. He couldn't believe his eyes "That's for doing a knight a favour." The man tucked his hair well  under his hood and he walked off towards the right. Bert spurred his horse and he rode back into town. 

He approached an old cottage in the outskirt of the fort. A thick frown on his face as he struggled to make the horse go faster, neglecting the cold. His determination was enough encouragement. Time had never been on his side, so it was now. Finally he stopped the horse, and he jumped down. His boot fell directly on a stone, sending pains into his foot. He grunted looking up at the men who stood in front of him, swords in their sheath. They were five. He did a quick numbering and he approached them with a grin. "Tell Bryce, Bert is here to see him" "There is no Bryce here" One of the men said curtly. He sighted his hands going for his sword. He held on to the guys hand, holding it down so there was no further movement. Then he smiled. "Can i see Bryce pls" he repeated, His soft voice was enough coin to buy pity.

He heard it clear enough, the sound of their swords sliding out of their sheath. Briskly, he rooted the guy he held on, off his feet making sure he crashed forcefully into the ground, and in a blink. The rest of his men came crashing right on him. Bert smiled as he smacked dirt off his amour.  

He climbed up the Old wooden stairs, been scared not to fall off. The woods were weak.

He kicked open the door. A quick smile took root off the corner of his lips as his gaze got locked in that of a Bald, thick and short man who had gained a little height with the help of a stool. "I expected less, Bert." Bryce said as he jumped down the Stool he sat on, walking over to Bert. Bryce laughed looking Bert in the face. They both shook hands and they laughed again. "Long time old friend" Bret said hugging Bryce. It was a tight huge. He pushed Bryce off him. Looked him the face. Then he laughed again, pulling him closer for another tight hug. 

Bryce face harden up as he listened to Bert speak. "Bryce. You have to help me. Just 10 of your men will do." Bryce rose up to his feet. He pushed off a cup of wine in front of him then he spoke. His eyes glued to the wooden table. "James V, Kicked my ass out of the castle" Anger was woven in his voice. "Georgy Was using him. Now Georgy is after the throne. If he gets, we lose it all. Then, He will have the kingdom and Lock us up for life." Bryce snorted, his chunky beards made a slight path. "And he has Williams" Bert added. 


12 Horse stood outside the cottage. 10 of them had been mounted except two. Bryce held on to Bert's arms. "I can do this" Bryce said. Bret nodded. Tears in his eyes. He looked down at Bryce again and he forced out a smile. "I want you alive." "I prefer to be dead, and help retain the glory of Scotland than allow that traitor get away with all of this." 

Bert walked towards his horse, loosen it and he climbed on it. Then he watched Bryce struggle to climb on. After about a minute they were all ready. With Bert taking the led. Then they rode towards the Exit of the town. 

Bert sighted a bridge right after they had rode out of the borders facing the west. They didn't stop riding till they reached a swampy ground. Bert slowed down his horse so did Bryce and all his men. He raise his hands up giving them all a signal to be on alert. Every men had their swords drawn half way out of their sheath. Their sharp eyes peered through the dark. They were in the woods. The swampy ground was enough reason to be on alert. 

Arrows flew all of a sudden out of the woods and it came at them. Bert, fully aware of that very tactics, caught two of the arrows that was in the range of his reach and he stocked it into the throat of one of the men who had jumped at him from the tree. Those who dodged the arrows still remained on their horse. 

In a blink, came ropes aiming at Bert and his men. This was the second attack. Right then men began to jump out of the trees. All armed with swords. Bert held on to the Rope holding his left hands. He drew out his sword from the stealth with his right hand and he broke the link the rope had with him. He spurred his horse forward as he jumped off it, twisting in the air with his sword cutting through everything it came across. Then he landed on the ground. Blood ran down his sword as five headless body fell to the ground. 

Over 15 men gathered around him creating a circle. They rushed at him all at once. That was what he wanted. He wanted them all at once. So he could take them down all at once. In one spin they all had their throat sliced. Bert grabbed his sword as it swag back towards him, completing a rotation. His hands was a little bit above his head. He was good at making his sword hit things in a circle. They were all of the same height. That made his calculation perfect. 

His eyes fell quickly on Bryce. He swung his sword towards Bryce's and he watched it trust behind one of the men who laid over him struggling to blurt out his eyes with a knife. He moved towards him quickly, gave him his hands for a lift up.

Then he swung his feet backward hitting one of the men who was coming for him, on the face. "Be careful" "Thanks man" Bryce muttered, his back against Bert's. 

Just two men were left standing. They had been badly injured. Bryce men were all down. 

Bret picked up the movement of the two men running towards him. He step out of the bond he had with Bryce. They were wise enough not to have attacked him together. One was running ahead while the other acted as a back up. Bert tilted his head side way, feeling the first man's sword swim pass his ear. He grab the man by his wrist, pulled him closer, Sent his elbow into his face. Then he spurred around thrusting his sword into the chest of the second man who was now very close enough for an attack. He caught the man he spared, by his wrist again. Pulled him forward with the whole of his strength and he twisted his wrist. A wild scream pierced through the bloody atmosphere. 

"Who sent you." Bret asked as he held on to the clothy part of the injured man's armor. The man laughed as blood poured out of his mouth and nose. "Kill m....." He fell into the ground as Bert sword went against his throat, slicing it open. 

Bert returned to Bryce with a map soaked in blood. He delivered it into the hands of Bryce. Then he spoke. "They are around the Shore we will get there in 15minutes." Bryce nodded then he replied "What's next. We need to be out of here, we are just two."

Bert lifted up his voice and he made some Loud sound. Like something shoveled out of a hole, came Bert horse. It galloped towards them and it stop as it got close. "Lets finish this Friend." Bert said again. 

 They rode speedily down the hills. They were far off when they caught right in their sight, Tromp's Ship. The flags with white spots was enough sign. "Brace yourself" Bert yelled. Bryce held on to his sword as he created a little distance between himself and Bert, Ready for the slaying move. Georgy was close to the shore. Behind him were men who could be easily crossed. They weren't more than 15 Foot Fighters. They were sword men. It would have been a bit difficult, passing through if they had spears. 

Bert spurred his horse aggressively. He marked the men he had ahead, and he spotted those who were short, then he faced them. He galloped forward with full speed. Then he propelled his horse high into the air slightly above their heads.  Dropping them a package to deal with. -Mighty Bryce!-

  Georgy heard horse steps coming up behind him as he approached Tromp's Ship. Non of his men came with an horse. He let go of Young Williams, going for his sword. He whirled and before he could make a complete turn his head was rolling high in the sky, his body falling to the ground as blood sprang out of his neck. Bert caught Georgy head in his hands his fingers holding on to his hair. He raised it up as he gave out a scream of victory. He turned his horse around, his gaze was locked on just one man standing. He was a short man, that was definitely going to be Bryce. He had dropped Bryce, so he would have to deal with the 15 men. 

Bret lowered his hands as he helped Williams up. And he rode toward his shore. He slowed down as he got closer. Then he stopped his horse. He swung Georgy head and it fell on the ship's deck. Then he said, yelling "You needed the head of a royal blood to make peace with our Kingdom and form alliance with us. Now you have it". An huge man stepped forward he held a white staff and he replied. "Now you have it. Our alliance belong to Scotland" He looked back and he watched the fear in the eyes of his people. They had not seen a Man kill so fast. They all went on their kneels, bowing; including the huge man.

Bert turned his horse around and he rode gently towards Bryce. "You saved me. Why did you. There is nothing you can do. You will be arrested for treason." Williams said as he held on to Bert. "I believe in you son. I know you wont let your father die." Bert replied, dropping Williams into a deep realm of confusion. His father was dead. What was Bert saying. His pregnancy of thought got aborted when Bert let go of his grip on the horse and he pushed a small pedant in his hands. Williams almost jumped down the walking horse when he saw the pedant Bert gave to him. It was half, what he had around his neck. Right then he found the answer to the very question his dead mother had refused to answer. So Bert was his father. That can never be possible. 


The prison door went apart. Bert looked up, Light fell on him. He had been in the dark for 5days now. He had heard rumors of his son been Crowned as the new King of Scotland King James VI. "Williams" He muttered as he lifted up his hands. Sounds of his chain filled the air. Williams signalled to the Guards to stay Away. Williams moved closer to him then he spoke "I brought you freedom. Dad" His voice came almost like a whisper. "No you cant." Bert said. "You have just one royal pardon" "Let me die here. Williams!" Bert continued. Tears in his eyes.

 Williams knelt down close to him and his soft hands held Bert's face close to his. "I heard about how Georgy advised The former king to cease your lover and send you into battle with the Alphytes. She had your baby then. But he claimed it. Knowing he was impotent. He could not have a child of his own. But was that why Georgy went after me? He hated me because i had not the royal blood." "No one else knows this except Georgy, Isabel, James and me" Bert muttered. Williams stood up from his kneels. "You should have told me all of this before now" Williams said, then he called in the guards. 


People filled up the Court yard as Williams walked through with Knights creating an edge around him. Out of the people came shouts, proclaiming his name. "King James VI". Bert was pulled forward, chains in his hands. Then he was dropped in the middle of the court yard.

 Williams moved towards a knight and he pulled out his sword. He pointed it towards Bert. "Kill him." "He betrayed the kingdom." Someone else yelled. Williams raised up his hands commanding silence. The elders stood few steps away from him. Terror in their eyes. They had ordered the arrest of Bert. All they wanted was him dead. 

Williams raised up his sword. Bert closed up his eyes forcefully, as he imagined his head rolling off. 

Bert felt the sword hit his shoulder gently. "By the power bequeathed to me. I here by Set You Bert Audsley free." Williams said in a rush. He pulled out of his robe a note with a red seal running around it. It was the royal pardon seal. The elder scowled, wanting to jump at him before the seal hit the ground. That was late. The sealed note was now rolling on the ground. So was Bert going to be rolled into the freedom.

©Okhuoya temitope

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