John Forker. 

Was it a mistake Mrs Alade brought in the blind boy from the street to stay with her. It looked like a crime, making young John, be like a son. She had no issue with John been like a son. But the issue was with her fat belled husband who would always yell at the young guy for not putting things well. 

Issues got worst with things getting missing in the house. It had not gotten to the extent of TV getting missing or a part of the wall been shafted away. It was always a struggle in the kitchen. The fancy pot weren't getting missing neither was the expensive plate disappearing. 

The issue was the big meats in the pot going away. Who could the thief be.

Mrs Alade knew it couldn't be her first son. He looked too holy to be a thief. He was always running from church activity to school, since his university was a mile away from home. But the second child which should be the last son was the suspect. John was blind so he was out of it.

Mrs Alade stayed up all evening with thoughts on how she was going to catch her last son in the act. She had talked to him severally but the boy was always denying. 

She crawled out of bed late that night     and she made her ways to the kitchen. She spotted the movement from afar and she held her lamp. She check with the flash on. No one was in there. The rats must have triggered the movement. She went back to bed and she got disturbed by her snoring husband. Right then she heard the footsteps again. She knew it was her son walking up the kitchen. She grabbed her touch light and before she could step out of her slightly ajar door she heard the movement in the bathroom. She waited for a while and soon the foot steps came up along the hallway leading to the kitchen. She stood in her dark room for like five minutes, and later she stepped out on her toe. It was painful, with her grown and weighty body but she was determined to catch her meat thief. 

Right outside the kitchen she stood and she watched with her ears the pot crackling open and a slight sound from someone navigating through a gallery of meat. Her light went on and her jaw dropped in disappointment. 

She yelled out of turn and she got the whole house awake.

"John what are you doing with a fork in my pot. So you are the meat thief." she yelled.

John was shaking with the meat stocked in the fork he had at hand. 

"Madam!" He tried explaining when he felt a broom fly at him.

Mrs Alade moved across the kitchen just to reach him. She grabbed him on the neck and she sorted for the next available pot. She smashed it against his head repeatedly and she began to scream.

"John the forker!...John the meat stealer...I thought you were blind... But you know the road to my pot." She kept on repeating those sentence interchangeably till her husband got up to get the dented frying pot out of her hands.

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