In my sleep

On the first of September after the heavy downpour was beginning to recline and work was all about pressure. Customers without chill getting you to scream the FUCK word, putting your anger on repeat, making you say the sorry word like it was you paying for Adam's sin. 

The quarters was going to close up by November and we all would be on that forceful one month leave with pay. 

I got away with a customer that afternoon and I got back into the factory, loading waters into thin layer nylons and filling up the sections in the large machine that was to bake up the ice. 

I had that fixed with a time if customers waiting. I checked the chillers for melting ice and I studied it with a long rod to see if it was still fit for sales. It was. 

I took the few customers I could with my other colleagues giving an helpful hand. 

The large wall clock displaying the time made me notice it was 4pm already, and I was due for a major shift. I took my gloves off and I made my personal sales account, gave it to the sales manager and he saw it to be fit for a dispatch. 

I got my pay for the week and my first thought was to hit the nearest chemist. 

I moved quicker than my legs could carry me and soon I was in front of a fat dark man with short hands that would never touch each other. I wondered how he was able to climb up those long shelves to get down drugs since it was my first time and my friend had described the man to be the only person that could help my problem without charging me my life savings. 

My weak eyes moved from the drugs on the counter to a calculator on his side wrapped up with white paper tape.

"You said?" He asked again. 

Never knew I had been making all the explanations to myself. I calmed my nerves and I acted like I needed him more than he needed me. 

I explained my complications again and again and when he was satisfied he punched his calculator and he showed me the figures. I had not seen the drugs but I nodded. 

He moved away from the counter and one other boy with a thick Afro hair style came over to attend to other customers. 

He fat man dropped me the drug and the right prescription then I was off. I waved down a bike and I was home in no time. 


I need help! I needed it a minute ago. Someone has to explain this to me. Someone had to explain a minute ago. It was like my soul was being purged out of me into a rain of brighter light. 

And I saw a rain of arrows come for me. 

I jumped as high as I could and once again I landed. The ground had changed. Harder and stronger. I looked around and I noticed I was on the peak of what I could not describe. Is this how a mountain looks? 

The crack stopped my admiration and soon I was crushing up amidst crumbling pieces of stone. 


I flicked my lids open with my heart almost out of my mouth and my intestines close to my rectum. 

I was like a pot been immersed in a pool of water with thick drop of sweat making it way down my neck.

The drugs must have worked. I tuned attention to my body and the cod was gone. The fat man said. If it took the right dosage of the drug. I was going to be knocked off in a very deep sleep and I might have strenuous and scary dreams. Then he said I would wake to find the code and the headaches no more. He then advised me to take another dosage and go back to sleep and that would be all. He said the whole issue would be gone while I was asleep. 

I rushed for the nylon that held all the drugs that I was given and I began to push them out of their sealed pack one after the other till I had 14 tablet in my hands. 

I swallowed hard with a cup of water backing it as I tighten my throat with my faces puckering into an unexplainable expression. I still had four more. I used that quickly and before I could drop the cup... 

I guess that was where it all ended. The rest was in my sleep.