And you must be wondering! 

how did this end up here?

Why the ditch? 

Would someone have to fall, wondering. 

Why everyone growing a thin line to dress the hallow coast, why would the trees smoke blunt and the compliment gotten be dead fish, smoked bunts. 

No-one can tell better than this. 

It's a blood bath! a lot had gone into this night to bring redemption for the morning and it's not Dawn at hand, yet. 

Money has ripped off the heart of the saints,  the strength left to mourning. 

You wake up with a million dollar bid. Glad, this is money. It's a bid to take your brother's life. And the whole outcome is a phenomenon, your cold life would never win a bet on it's prediction.  

You asked for it! here it is. 


Now sit, eat the humble pie and, note -this would not be about me and you. We have done less to round off a tale sweet, hence. 

Inks bathed with blood, sweat-drops steps after an inch and here we are finally at the end of every beginning. 

The death of the demon hell closed the gate to death and this is heaven rejoicing about a murder. 

It all started like a love play!

You know the whole dream up to kiss the bride thing. Now you face me and tell me it's dangerous to love, to love well and to love so well you want to have for 'em sake watch your brother's soul burn in hell. 

You asked for a summary, this is all to perfect a 'SUM' of the event counts that happened at Mount 'MARY' 

Picking up the revolver and squeezing the trigger now getting monetary. 

It all happened when the life of a young scientist started to twist. He was in love, and it failed. The she he loved fell off to go with another guy for the sake of money. 

Man was frustrated. Yes! I mean this.

This was frustration at it's peak for young LUTA. 

He grew old on patience and the reaction began. he was laid off work and on the next week he was on a date with a perfect stranger. 

She died that night! 

I know how you feel now. Battered! or bittered. But someone really did die and that was the gate to trouble. 

Young Luta was prime suspect. He was the last to see her. He was the last others saw seeing her. 

A weak later, he was up to see a psychiatrist at the clinic he was laid off. And right after he walked out of the clinic. 

The man was pronounced dead. 

You won't believe he felt he never did the killing. The detective who rounded it up never believed he never committed the murder m. 

Then a week later, the girl he said he loved. The same girl he got sacked for. The same girl that made him go on a strange date like a psychopath in need a lightened path. 

She died the next week and a knife was found where she died. 

Rounding it up to a similar killer, the first girl was also killed with a knife. 

No one knows what! 

Someone somewhere thinks he is being roped. 

The detective working on his case, now is in between. 

He passed the first test and his finger print wasn't found on any of the scenes. That wasn't enough and more tests were asked to be carried out to prove all this to be a coincidence. 

But the authority wants him alive and jailed. 

Another arm of power seem to be after his life. 

And the only set of people who can save his life, the detective, a drug lord, heavily putting cash to make sure he survives. They all are on the death list of someone unknown. 

An hunter, someone paid with coins to spill the blood of any on a metal slate. Someone who thinks all these mess should be cleaned and all that is dirty should remain dirty and unexposed.

'Luta seems to know a lot, but he is saying less' the world thinks. 

They drill everyday to get pass his mental state.

He never knew a thing but as a day passed, and the detectives got close on him. Scenes began to uncover and he began to understand why a set of people would want him dead and another alive. 

Then he knew he was in the center of a power draw.  

It was too late then for anyone. He had all the dirty secrets in his head and that is not too good for any party. 

They all want him dead.