The afternoon rush and the monopolistic thought kept Delta away seated in his study lonely. He gazed at the bottle of brandy on his table, emptied with the whole of its pride brought to zero after Delta had done justice to it the right way. 

He had been drinking too much, his vision blurred. 

It had been a shitty ride for him and time had been flying and sharing those moments with him. Times of quaking emotions, he could relate to nothing better than an unplanned turbulence. 

He felt the whole city was  on him and he might have to subject himself to a mask soon. 

A knock came at his door, bringing him back to reality and he flinched with excessive disgust. 

He stood up, moved across the room and opened the door with his leg stopping the door from completely opening wide. 

A shallow grin perfectly crafted appeared on his face. He touched the last chain that restrained the door and pulled it down with one finger. He moved his leg to let the door open wide. 

Old man stepped in with a tray of coffee. That's unusual. 

Delta stared, a bit confused. His arms folded against his chest, he wondered. He dropped his arms and with his eyes on Old man, he walked towards him. A clear vision of Old man made him frown. His eyes picked up the weak vein that ran down his neck and stopped at the collar. 

Old man poured hot water into the mug and added coffee, his attention buried in his activities.

As he lifted the cup to his lips, he got stopped by Delta who held his hands. The analogy was a clear one. 

Ever since Delta had trusted the old man, they had moved from worker-to-employee relationship to a father-and-son thing. 

"Talk to me", Delta said. 

His bright eyes, a spring of gladness. The ever innocent eyes that had shared more blood than a blade. 

"It's about the corpse." 

Old man said, his cracked voice held a depressed note as it struggled for a hook. 

Things must be terrible. 

Delta collected the cup of coffee, raised it a bit far from his face as he watched the steam go up for a few seconds. He brought it back to his lips and took a noisy sip. 

It was hot! Delta's tongue paid for it but his strong nature and his no-show-of-weakness principle stopped him from being human for those few hot seconds. 

He dropped the mug and he touched Old man on the shoulder. 

"What about the corpse?" He asked. 

"Have you heard from your brother today?" Old man clipped him up with a brighter question. 

Delta smiled. 

"It shows I really don't care about him." 

"Yes it shows", Old man replied. He looked up at Delta. His back arched and his short little legs felt weak from the long stand. He would prefer to move around the room that to be fixed. 

"Why then did you ask him to come over to you? Why did you watch him? Why save him?" 

Old man poured out questions, his hair bathed with flecks of gray. 

"Hmmm... Family is a bit complicated, Old man. You can't interfere." 

"But I once kept one..."

"Egzatly!" Delta bursted in. 

He touched Old man apologetically on the shoulder. "You once had one. I listen to those who have an idea about..." 

"You could have made the insult a bit clearer. Like I lack the idea...", Old man said. The frustration in his voice was vivid and soon he might breakdown crying. 

Delta watched Old man's weak eyes and veins as he spoke. He knew he was pushing too far and he wasn't ready to step back. 

"Family! Old man! Family", Delta said, walking away. He took down a book from his shelve and he tossed it on the long table that hosted his laptop. "My brother is just a bait! We feed baits, make them fat so they would attract the right kind of fish. I don't care, I really don't..."

"He would be executed on Friday." Old man let out the cold words and he wished he could take them back. He watched the expressionless look on Delta's face. 

"Like I said, Old man, that is the plot going right. I still don't care. He is going to die anyway." 

Delta smashed back with a smile. He had an idea how shattering his words were to Old man's walled heart. 

Nothing else happened. The conversation ended there. 

Old man carried the coffee tray and he was out of the room in no time. 

Delta waited few minutes before he followed. His legs softly treading the floors of his house as he walked silently down the corridor. 

He walked into the longest hallway in the house and stood at the very end. His eyes flicked through the length of the hallway, his ears strained. He caught the voice at last. Old man was on the phone nagging an unknown man. He must be discussing all he had conversed with him. 

Delta nodded in admiration, his rigid mind still pushy.