Tell me about a man who hunts wishes better than he who is bewitched to hunt to the extreme, every witch. 

This life can be taken! 

You can take it. 

As a matter of fact, you can give it, or lift up the hope of survival to the needy, then fake it. 

I know of you, proud!

Are you? 

I know of you,  humble!

Are you?

One made out of principle with an inclined moral compass. Are you? 

I know.

Knew you way back to be two-sided. 

A coin! 

Knew you way back for the strength and the people's opinion you guarded. 

I know you to be the saviour!

I know you... 

Delta paused the tape, his hands against the old cassette player. 

He took away the cassette in it and had it back on his shelf. 

This was one way he had at getting back to himself, snapping back at life, showing himself as human and as one who could die anytime soon. 

He had been used all his life. 

Right from the very moment, he had been used. 

They knew he was good, fast and skilled and they took charge of his emotions. Nights behind bars, he was broken into one who wasn't himself. 

His side burned till he lost his breath passing out to death, and his revival would come like a rod against his head, getting him awaken into a new life, one that wasn't his. 

There, he lost it all. The passion for life-he lost it. 

He lived more like an animal. His little sympathy only came on when the revolution for the dismissal of his band was highlighted. 

Professionals were called to work on him and restore all that he needed to be more like a human with emotions and consciousness. A lot of psychological tweaks went down on him and still, it was impossible to get him back except he was loaded with a few things that could break him- anything that could shake up his compassion, probably words, images of people dying in the street, and a lot more things which had the tendency of snapping in him that human consciousness. 

A little tape was fashioned for him- an antidote for his issue. He would hit the repeat button and over again, he would have it replayed. 

He would think over it, till it hit his guts, reminding himself who he really was. 

Delta paced his office floor from end to end after he had given himself to several hours of listening to his redemption tape. Thoughts had no space for survival in his head, where competition to make sense and all were killing him. 

He needed to stop killing all these people and the only way was to kill his new employer; the fat man. 

But he still needed his brother out of prison, and the fat man's death would mean there would be no release for his brother in no time soon. 

He drafted a plan. When he was done, he took the first snake by its tail. 

He worked on the documents of the second woman he was asked to kill-Theresa Milla, a Kenyan who stayed in Ghana. She was the lead strategist at some top private sectors. She worked hand in hand with one of Ghana's pharmaceutical giant's company. 

She was 55, and had two sons and a daughter. 

She was out her first relationship with a Nigerian drug Lord. Those were the sweet moments of her life when she felt eternity in love would really remain eternity, but she found things never to work out with two sailors on a ship. She stepped out and later fell in love at 30 with a big time executive of one of South Africa's biggest banks. 

A little drink after some random parties, lots of sex and she had the girl for him. They tried to push their way into marriage but the only factor which stopped them was age, and that only appeared after the young man had made it out to her. He complained she was 2 years, 7 months and 6 weeks older than him.

Her last son came when she was 33. She met this Arab prince after a lengthy business meeting in Nairobi. He was sweet, charming and caring and was a good influencer and speaker. He could manipulate a whole sector into giving into a business deal they knew nothing about, or that would benefit them less.

They hooked up thereafter and she was quick to tell him about all that she had gathered all her life. He turned out to be more attractive. 

He came in on her, made love to her, left her with a baby and took over her empire legally after he had manipulated her to do a change of name to almost all that she had. 

She felt weak after all. She was one who had almost all. One of the women leading the money charts now having almost nothing. 

The good thing was the fact that all the babies were in her care and she spent the rest of her life trying to rise up again. 

She partnered with a friend as she stepped into wine production. She began, met a few investors and old time business friends who had pity on her and decided to help her with a few funds which her pride and ego almost made her reject. 

She was in that little gathering that evening when Bosto came over with the secret she had beheld, and spread it in the face of five of them, in an attempt to make them know a lot was happening in the country, which needed the ears of the public so it could stop. 

They never knew that would take away their lives. 

The little secret was about the fat man's dirty dealings. A thing no soul should know of and remain alive the day after. A demon was sent after them and he never paused for a breath in hell to think in abundance about this bloody rampage. 

It took just three hours for Delta to figure out that Theresa was among the five people who met with Bosto the night the fat man declared war and tried to take out Bosto on his first attempt. He later had to settle with failure and this brought Delta on the operational scene since he was more professional. 

Delta picked up his phone and pulled a call over to the fat man's desk. 

A telephone rang out in a tune, so much in line to a thing that had previously triggered irritation. 

The fat man behind the desk snorted. He hated it when he was called off work. 

He was busy going through the account that hosted the illegal funds he used to back up his dirty work and was a little bit conscious of raising the bars for his e-security. 

He raised the receiver to his ear as he shrugged, reclining back into the arms of the soft leather chair that hooked him perfectly behind his desk. 

"Work on the papers as we have agreed earlier before this drastic change in plans and have my brother out or I come for your head," the voice said. 

The fat man, so close to fear took a breath of relief and fired back. 

"We changed plans and you agreed. What's all this?"

"You are trying to use me like you always did. Lie that you never knew about the five people before you asked me to go after one. I did that, knowing it would be hard for me to step out. Then you wanted me to kill another person. I also did that. Now you want me to go after three other people? Who does that?" 

"Listen, friend. You know I can save your brother easily. Are you going to deal with the devil or will you search for a demon with lower hooks?" 

"Go fuck yourself," the voice came from the other end and the line dropped. 

This was a bad sign for the fat man. No one had to tell him Delta had done enough research to make him spill words at this range. It was bad for business and he needed to clean things up. 

He pounced on his telephone in no time and he pulled a call through to the brains behind his security team. 

This time, he was going to send a lion after a lion, and use all he had at hand to keep his dirty business going and hidden.

Godwin Okhuoya