Delta took care of all that was in his care. He killed the woman in a night and the night after he was shown a new note. 
The fat man wanted him to kill someone else! 
No,  this guy was using him. 
It took four lengthy meetings for him to get convinced about the whole operation and he was let to know it was an unfinished job.
The note he was given was about the woman shedding details of the operation to a set of friends, the fat man wanted Delta to take away another woman. 

Right on the line, the first was on a cold Saturday night. Delta came through for an isolated apartment. He let down his bag, let out a hook with a long rope tied to it end, swung it up high, it hooked on the right rail. He frowned, held on to it and it was firm. It was a one way thing, if he broke his back, then it would be broken. He was too professional for all that. 

He moved the rope to right angle, the exact spot where he would not be spotted and climbed up. 

He got off the ground and  held on to the switch that connected to the whole light of the apartment and hit. The light went off and the whole apartment was thrown into utter darkness. 

The scream came off all angles. Lights don't go off here and this was very strange. 

Delta's time counted down to five minutes.

Finally he got into his target flat, he had the whole mappings and he knew where he was heading. 

The target, a woman would be heading for her meter box to see what was wrong with her light, decoded the strange power failure. Her file gave up information on her knowledge on electricity. 

Delta stood in the balcony knowing it was impossible to get into any of the flat without going through a legitimate access. Delta’s chest was rising and falling, as the end of his gun kissed his silencer. 

He waited, two more minutes. 

Yes! He heard the foot step across the living room and once the door pulled open he dropped the steel in his hands . It was dark and that made the parallel distortion of the hush scary. 

 “Who’s there?” A feminine voice cried out of the dark. A silenced shot and a body hitting the wall was next. 

Delta took his sleeves away from his wrist and he touched the side of his wrist watch for light. 

2 more minutes- He held on to the ropes that he came with, replaced the hook on the rail, tested its strength and he dropped down the apartment with it. 

A list came to him the next day after the perfect operation went through. Newspaper headlines came booming with the death news, the next day. 

Delta needed no one to tell him a thing before he could decipher what the whole work up was. They wanted to use him to end the reign of some bad guys. They might be good, no one could tell. 

He agreed, unbelievably, the fat man never saw this easy. 

He gave him a one week deadline. 

The next Monday, he was at the towns, urban and rural planning council secretariat he needed more info about the woman he had killed.

His dark shades almost shielding his glory, he clocked behind his hood, the cold eating up his boldness, he was forced to keep his hands behind gloves and parallel to that he could only stay behind his wheels. 

Some few minutes to ten, a tall man came towards his car, tapped Delta’s window and after he had his window down, the man leaned against the car’s body, peeping into the car, the bottle of coke on the sit, pack of pop corn told him no fear. 

“Sorry sir. We can’t get you what you want, sir.” The man said.

“What if I told you what its for and who I am.” Delta watched the look in the man’s face. He took his dark shades off and he shared a creepy gaze with the man. He had run a quick scan, the hungry type. He guessed in a bit, and the appearance of the man said a whole lot about his entire life, his age, and late thirties. Married? Very obvious!

“What about we make this unofficial?” Delta squeezed the form he had in hands and folded some dollar notes in the man’s hand. The man let go of the rumpled currency notes and he was glad to have 150$ at hand. 

What ever the conversation rate would be, it would still be in his favor and would be worth more than his two month salary. 

He looked back a moment for the weird and life changing type of decision. 

“I would be back in an hour.” The man said. 

Like he said, he was back after an hour. Beads of sweat wrestling with his fore head, his breathe coming hard.