It happened every night and it spanned for weeks till a month counted. 

The only time Luta could resist was when no one approached him for sexual pleasure. 

He felt less of himself every morning and an attempt to get rid of himself never came through. 

At times he looked at the high walls, walking pass the work field and he felt he could break loose and flip himself across, crash against stones and die but for the chains around his wrist and the people around. 

He was heavily guarded and the only time he had to place his life on the line, he would have this sudden remorse feeling and he would end it all there. He felt he needed another chance to get back at those who had his life ruined. 

At times he would be made to go on his knees and suck in the dark and anytime he resisted, his neck would be in for it. Trapping the air in his lungs, they claimed they could take his life anytime. 

They had this funny voice and it was hard to distinguish who they really were. Everyone in the room sounded different in the morning.

After about two weeks he went for smell mastering and with time he found out who they really were. 

They used to be three, they all were slim and almost of the same height. The tallest had this British accent and he was sure that was the very one who always kept quiet throughout the whole process. 

This Monday was same, with a lot of activities in the prison. 

It felt like an happy day with lots of gifts trooping in. 

Politicians came on a savage visit and no work was done, neither were prisoners left to stay in an off guard position. 

Some few minutes after two, the hot sun made the clouds push off it's brightness in laziness. The cool breeze rocked from end to end, a bit clenching as it raised much dust, cutting it way through the prison yard. 

A brown car had just been stopped at the gate and a security man came off to check who the driver was, a black man with a sun tanned face, a thick moustache stood on his nose and he had slash on his cheek, a tribal mark. 

His cheek had enough meet, making his nose feel like it was been strangled. 

His flat chin and his large fore head made him look like a capped potato. 

He had a rigid smile and he looked too determined with the way he made eye contact. 

He dropped his ID and he was checked then he was allowed in. 

He hit the reception in no time and he was pissed with the attendance. 

He made a little show of power, caused a fight, fed the whole reception with rants and sub then he was paid the attention he seek. 

One person he wanted to see was the hard to see person but luckily for him he was allowed in after he greased the hands of the uniformed man who was attending to him. 

He spoke like he knew who he wanted to see and after few interrogations the man at the desk was sure this man had a personal relationship with the chief Warder and it would make no sense if the bribe was pushed through. 

He made eye contact, and he tried to return the money but the visitor was strong on a calm 'no' and he made it clear no one would know about it. 

An hour later, the fat man drove his car out of the prison. 

Glad it was an accomplished mission, he took the first turn and he drove west, a little push away from the prison, he slowed down as he approached a packed car. It was a brown Benz, gently waiting on the other side of the road. 

He stopped right at the side and he gave up a foster smile, then he waited for the driver behind the wheel of the Benz to show up. 

The tinted window of the Benz went down and a man in hoodie reflected a frown. His brown eyes picked every detail on the fat man's face and once again he sent a shock through the spine of the fat man. 

"I did the job." the fat man said. 

"told you he is my friend and he would listen." the fat man paused and he smiled, his gaze still on the guy in hoodie. 

"he would let you see him twice every week on the base of he coming to work at your place. The prison would settle his wages before hand. One security guard would come with him, and note no one knows about this, it's not a legal help." the fat man said. 

The guy in hoodie, shrugged and he reclined against his seat. He checked the safe on his side and he brought out a note, he passed it to the fat man and he said. 

"You will find your daughter there, and good luck." a thumbs up sign was all before he started his car's engine and he moved away.