It could have been a spell, one better. One that would not take away life. 

One that would make you feel good, change the situation and make things rigid when reality makes it go round. 

Maybe a click, or a long press on the switch. Someone down here needed this switch more than ever. 

She sat at the roof and she crumpled the last piece of paper she had penned all of her life. 

She was not going to take one more trial, she was not going to see life a different way. No! She was not going to push one more time. 

Losing a husband was not the trigger that got her turned on. It was more; it was losing everything. 

The police came and seized everything. Bank account got frozen and none had made things anyway easier. On the long run, she lost the last thing that could make her let go of her breath after so long a hold. 

The only thing that could spill life on her dead soul. 

She had a miscarriage. She lost the baby that could have been Ayo jnr. 

She let down her shoe and she watched it hit the ground. 

That was not her hitting the floor. 

It was not going to be easy to crash into the ground, hit the skull on the hard ground and bleed to death. But she was going to do this anyway. 

She jumped... 


Luta reached his apartment late that night. 

His head buzzing like his blood was going to erupt and negate the flow in his vein. He felt like he was going to die any moment. He was a living dead anyway. 

Two weeks ago, Ayo and Daniel were killed. The safety tag on him was removed and he felt it all to be about his life. 

A lot of people, sacrificed for his sake and that made him feel he needed to be alive to take a run. He knew deep down that someone was going to find him. 

He pulled up a run as he took his way down the hallway. Ayo's burial was in two days and he was sure about missing it. 

Not leaving a trail to his existence. 

He got into his room, turned the light on and as he reached out for his backpack. 

Right then he turned left, startled. A kick had gone against his door and a guy in hoodie had stepped in. 

His eyes went lower and he shared a gaze with a gun. 

The guy with the hoodie on lifted up the gun and with his other hand he pulled off his hoodie. 

Luta stared blankly and the whole moment went magical. He had never heard of two identical beings not related. 

This other person with the gun looked exactly like him, no difference. They had the same height, eye color, nose, face... 

Luta was lost in thought when the gunshots went off. 


Some where in Maiduguri was a sport car over speeding in a single lane road. He had been flagged by the road safety officials but they lost him in the uncontrollable traffic jam that would not even let the President of the nation go through. 

The car stopped outside a big bungalow. Lights all over, illuminating the whole surrounding. Placing the car in a pool of light. 

One man stepped down, fully blessed with beards. 

He brought along with himself a black bag and soon. he was let in through the gate. 

Men stood around armed with guns ready to take down any fly that came against the house. 

The bearded man was taken to the reception and after a few minutes he was let in ahead of the tonnes of people who had been there before him. 

He walked down a dim lit hallway and he stopped in front of a door, a dim light formed a square at the foot of the door with the little space that craved an allowance.

He did not have to knock, all he needed was just a pull against the knob and he was in. 

The fat man at the other end was over ready for the visit. He stopped all he was tasked with and he stood up gallantly to receive the hand shake that awaited him. They Shook hands and the fat guy waved the bearded man to take the opposite seat. 

"How far?" the fat guy asked. 

With a smile, the bearded guy posed with pride.

"Good news!"

"For real?"

"You doubt my words?" the bearded guy protested. 

The fat man chuckled and stretched out his hands again for a patterned shake. 

"Luta is dead!" the bearded guy broke the news. 

"His body?" 

"Taken care of." the bearded guy said as he brought out his phone. He went for his gallery and on the other hand was the fat guy with the telephone, pushing buttons. 

"I need to tell the boss about this." the fat man said, looking up again with a wide smile.