Two men paced the lobby of South Gate hospital. One was with a head warmer and the other had a face cap on. 

They stopped to stare at the ceiling. 

A fault had been reported and they had been tasked with the fixing of the roof. 

Long metal rails, heavy and strong, stretched out against the roof, making it very difficult. 

They checked it out and spotted all that they needed to spot. They were going to climb soon but first, they had to hit the bathroom. Just one of them was pressed but the other wanted to follow. 

They were in the bathroom, using separate rooms and in minutes, they were back at the sink fixed to one side of the walkspace in the bathroom. 

There, they washed they hands. 

The way they spiked and laid down bants, showed how strong their friendship was. They laughed at each other, hit each other and cursed each other in their local language. 

The one in the head warmer was in his mid-twenties. He was the very one who lifted out of a bag a driller, back at the lobby, ready to take away the metal rails and fix the roof. 

The metals were just the only problem and they had to take it off to adjust the roof.  

There was no other way. 

They began with the drilling on a ladder. Two ladders actually; one for the first guy who was holding the rail and preventing it from hitting the ground when it came off at the first end, and the other for the guy who had the driller to himself and took the other side down carefully. 

That was one metal rail out of many. 


Ayo came out his car right after he turned off the engine. 

He adjusted his suit and confirmed he was in South Gate hospital. 

He had seen the header before, but he still wanted to confirm. 

He already called to see one of the doctors and get results for the autopsy. 

His first turn was at the reception. A lady in a white uniform attended to him. 

She told him that the busy doctor was available and he wasn't patient enough to hear the rest of the story. 

He went off, and she threw up her hands in regret. 

Where he was headed was restricted.  A work was going on there and it was against the policy to make patients walk through the work site. 

She was lazy and wouldn't do the catching up. 


The guy in the hoodie popped out of nowhere as usual. 

He reached into the pocket attached to his hoodie as he stood in the reception and without fear, dug out of his pocket a silencer. He was ready to fix that at the end of his gun. 

He watched Ayo walk away from afar and followed, his lips twisted to the side. 

He stopped all of a sudden. His hands dropped as he heard the loud noise from where Ayo just walked through. 

It was like that of a heavy metal falling off, and hitting the ground. 

It was far off and the guy in the hoodie only watched. He took his hood off and stepped back, his eyes in search of a restroom. 

He found one and just as he went in, the emergency alarm blew on. 


Ayo's wife got furious with the smell in her kitchen. It was the smell of a dead rat and she found it hard to find where the rat had died. 

She wondered if it was one or two. 

Not so sure, she was trying to lift a thing or two when her phone rang. 

She picked it, phone against her ear. Her lips dropped when she heard the news. 

She ended the call abruptly as she got thrown into panic. 

She stretched for her wallet, confused and began to repeat, 

"No! He can't be dead. No!"