Ayo couldn't get the sleep he wanted. Neither was the issue going easy with his thoughts. 

The attack was said to be that of an animal. That was clear, but he still felt all to be wrong from within. 

His wife left him to sleep at midnight and alone he was, pacing the floor of his study from end to end. 

Picking up jotters and notes, taking down stuff, and walking his hands through his shelf in search of books. 

It was a few minutes to three, and he already had them on his table; the names of the witnesses he was going to walk up to, strategies and all. 

He had it all booked. 

Daniel already told him about his encounter with Mary; how Mary confirmed Luta was the last person who came around to see Debbie before she died. 

Things could be framed up. Words could easily be planted if cash was present. He needed to force words out a few more people to be sure he wasn't getting anything wrong. Only then would he be safe. 

He placed a call and listened to the sound from the other side. No one was ready to pick up. He clicked the end call button and tightened his fist, then slammed his phone against his table and watched his receiver hit the ground. 

He wanted to talk to Precious desperately. 

He wanted to tell her some things and free himself by telling her he was married and let all the lies end. He wanted to be honest for once and stop being the duckhead he was. Never to change. 

That was all for the night. He woke up to the cold breeze rushing in through the open window, shocked no one had been around d to check on him. 

His hands against his lips, he wiped off spit and touched his desk to stop his spit from getting any further onto his books. 

His wife was pregnant already. She was lazy even without the baby. He must have expected more than the usual. 

He slipped into the bathroom without notice and was out in 15 minutes. He had shaved and was struggling to hold his towel around his waist. It was sure going to fall off. 

His wife was up before 6, while he tried to check his laptops for news updates. 

His food was done before 7. On the dining table while he had his lovely meal with his ever decent wife, his phone rang. 

He stretched to pick up his cellphone and gave off a cold 'Hello.' 

It was a call from the clinic. Daniel was dead.  He was murdered by 4 in the morning. The camera recorded someone in the hallway with a gray hoodie moving at an unusual pace. 

Ayo stood off the table, pissed to the bone. One person came to his mind-Luta! If Daniel could be killed this easily, then he knew reaching Luta would be a piece of cake. The Police Den would be no safe zone. He knew Daniel's death must have been undertaken with an insider.

He slipped into the sleeves of his suit saying no words. He picked his cell and marched out of the house for his car, with his briefcase dangling down his hands, while his wrist maintained the balance.

His wife watched him from the window without questions. She had lived with him long enough to know times and moments he would never appreciate a question. But she was worried because she didn't know the level of his problems.  Moods like this had taken him away from home for weeks, and she needed him this very moment. 


The guy with the hood stepped out of a car. He pushed the door close and adjusted his hood. 

He walked away from the lot, going through dark paths till he found the phonebooth he wanted. 

He stepped in, picked up the receiver, and began to push buttons. 

He reclined his back against the wall of the booth till he heard the click from the other end. He delivered his message quickly before anyone noticed his presence. 

"Daniel is out. Took him out before dawn. Ayo would be out there to see what happened. I will take him out if you give me a go ahead." 

There was a long silence, then a voice came forth. 

"Take him out," the voice said. 

The guy in the hood nodded as he touched his nose. Then he sniffed. 

"OK!" He replied. "I would need stats then." 

"You will have it soon," the voice replied then the line dropped.