Ayo would be awake with a broken neck if he wasn't used to fright snap surprises. The voice had taken sleep off him, and he was finding his reflexes coming to terms of defense all at once. 

He pulled out his gun, his finger folding around the trigger. 

He knew he would never pull it but for confidence's sake, he loved it that way. 

His legs reached the ground quickly and he was on his way across the room. 

He pulled the locks off and checked. No one was there. 

He pulled it close and turned on the locks again. 

He checked the windows by pulling the blinds off. When he was sure nothing was around, he was back walking slowly to the bedside. 

The lights coming in was from the toilet attached to the room, but the bulb overhead wasn't on, making the room partially dark. 

Ayo moved to the bed. Luta was awake. Ayo's cough had gotten him awake and he was clear the young man needed an explanation for all that was happening. 

"I know you have a lot of questions to ask!" Ayo began. He found a place to sit close to Luta, his eyes feeding Luta's soul with comfort. 

Luta wasn't too sure whose side he was on, but the fact that he had always been there made him trust Ayo more than anyone. 

Now it was clear to Luta that he never worked at the clinic and he was a police officer. He looked up expecting a defense. 

Luta signalled to Ayo that he needed help up. 

Ayo held his hands and pushed him to his back. He made sure he was comfortable with the pillow behind him and reached for his hands. It was cold in there despite the poor ventilation and all. 

"Why did you lie to me about who you were?"

"I swear, I never did lie. I just wanted to protect you. I knew you would feel a bit unrelaxed if you knew who I really was," Ayo responded. His breath came harder than ever as he was placed in a loom,  guessing if what he was saying was convincing enough. 

"See, look at it this way, Luta. You can trust me." He rolled his tongue across his lips as he spoke. "I don't know what it is to this case, but I know you are not safe with anyone else. And I need you to trust me, not anyone else." 

"I trust you and I am pushing myself to it. I don't know." 

"Trust me, please."

"Can I?"

"Yes, you can." Ayo said. 

Luta took a deep breath as he drew invincible patterns on the bed with his hands. 

"And thanks for reading the note I kept in your pocket," Ayo said. He watched the faint smile on Luta's face. 

"I just had to hit you so they would know you needed to be guarded. Also, this would be the last night you would be sleeping this loose," Ayo said. 

Luta drew in a deep breath without saying a word. 

Ayo was convinced his knockout was excellent. He blew the alarm, perfecting it. He knew the medic guys wouldn't let him talk so he would not get blood into the wrong spot. 

He had that calculated knowing Luta would read the note he had on him before he was allowed to jam talk as an expression of anger. 

Now, it worked. 


4AM that cold morning, a time for pettiness and all sorts of stuff to be planned.

It wasn't so for Blue TV's newly promoted cameraman. 

Emma pulled the blanket over his face, ducking his head in it. Then he remembered his wife was totally uncovered. He wasn't aware of the time his phone rang out because he silenced it. He looked left, his wife hadn't moved. Then he carefully climbed down the bed. He tip-toed across the room and like a ghost, he silently slipped out of the room. 

"Hey! It's early," he said, his breath going hard as he stood in the corridor, looking both ways to see if his wife was nowhere eavesdropping. 

"What!" He exclaimed, his eyes bulging in terror. 

"Someone spotted you?" He said again, his voice growing harder than his breath. 


Ayo stepped out of the clinic some few minutes after three to go home and see his wife. She didn't nag this time. She could have if she weren't tired. He had already explained things to her the night before, but he wanted to freshen up before sunrise. He already had a call from the laboratory about new results from the previous tests and redeveloped observations on sent samples. Fingerprint match results and data collation, license and access to the Federal database which is restricted from the use of private institutions. 

It was just 4:39 and Ayo seemed to be in a hurry. His turn and pace across the reception, down the hallway and away from the garage would have made one know he was up to something. 

He headed for the room Luta was kept. He held the knob and pulled it with so much energy and pace. He peered in and his nerves calmed with dissatisfaction on his face. 

Luta was in bed and that made him feel he was being played with. 

"Did you go anywhere?" He asked. 

He shook his head, then said no. 

"How come?" Ayo said in a low tone. 

He went back to the arm chair in one corner of the room and dropped the package he had in his hands. He had changed to a white T-shirt and a brown sweatshirt aimed at keeping him warm. 

He had seen someone who looked like Luta; exactly like him, same height, face and hair. 

Maybe he was mistaken or his head was throwing up jokes. 

No. He was sure he saw Luta or someone else who looked exactly like him. 

The guy was in a different outfit. He had a hoodie on. The headlamp of his car exposed him when they both clashed in a sharp corner.