Lumi went back and forth. His shining shoe was the focus of everyone in the room. 

He walked back to the dispenser with a plastic cup and took another sip of the water. His smile; thick and proud like he had just caught a thief. 

He rolled his sleeves and took off his wristwatch. Everyone kept watching as he reached the table at the foot of the bed. There, he sat the disposable cup and he whisked. 

"So, my friend..." His eyes on Luta. 

"I know you were attacked, and I feel so bad and unsecured  that someone like you would be attacked after all that had happened to you this week." He threw his hands in demonstration, sitting at the foot of the bed. 

"I am sorry about all, but you need to do me a favour."

Luta sent a gaze at him. He moved his head slowly as he tried stopping it from falling off his neck. The pain was too much, he could take his head off himself. 

"OK!" Luta replied. 

Lumi reached for the disposable cup, emptied it down his throat and pointed it at the five guys with the long faces in the room. 

"Point to me. Who amongst them was at your place?" 

"You mean the man that had me attacked?"

"Yes!" Lumi let go of a weak smile. 

Luta raised his finger weakly and stopped when he got to Ayo. 

The air turned carbon in Ayo's lungs. Beads of sweat popped off his pores quickly, as he took off an air of relief with his hands dropping off his chest till it rested at his side. 

At the moment, Ayo gave up on it all. He was going to lose this job. He was going to get fired. The case was going to be off his hands. 

He fought with thoughts in the split of a second and wished Luta would just understand he was trying to help; just trying to help get a secure place and save his ass. 

"He is as tall as the person who attacked me." Luta said. 

"Me!" Ayo tried to lay off the allegations. 

"Is it him?" Lumi pressed, getting on his feet. 

"Him?" He repeated. 

Luta nodded negatively. "Not him," he said, "he's only this tall." 

Lumi wanted that word to drop. He was sure Ayo was involved, he only wanted the victim to confirm. This wasn't going to fail! No, it wouldn't. 

Lumi felt the anger rush through him, but he couldn't just force Luta to let out those words. 

"See! Don't be scared." Lumi leaned over, looking Luta in the face. "They can't do you nothing. Say the truth. Who attacked you?" 

"I feel threatened by you."

"Really!" Lumi adjusted his polo. He smiled; not a deep one. His face went expressionless again and he looked like he was going to gun a person down. 

"Relax," Lumi said. He looked into Luta's eyes again. This time, he took out time to make a second look like eternity. Then he said those magical words like an enchantment. 

"Please help me help yourself. Tell me, among these men, who was present when you were attacked?" 

It failed him this time, and the amount of emotion he drilled letting out those words wasted. 

"I don't feel too well." Luta said. 

Lumi was about to reply when a crack came off the door. Lumi turned and saw the knob roll. A man in a white overall walked in. 

"I am sorry! You all can't stay more than now. Let him rest."

"It's fine, doctor. We are almost done." Lumi said. He smiled and spoke on. 

"I would leave just one person to stay with him." 

"Do that now!" The doctor said. His hands across his chest as he waited with his patience afar off. 

Lumi looked around and motioned four of the men in the room to move out. They did except Ayo. 

Lumi moved closer to Ayo. He levelled his shoulder with a path and waited for Ayo to shrug, but that never happened. 

"How about you let on your coat and share the cold with your friend?" Lumi said. 

Enemy would turn friend and friend would turn enemy when the fight gets bigger. This was the situation right now. 

Ayo and Lumi were once more than two brothers having each other's backs with Lumi being the superior who put Ayo through all he knew at the job. Ayo would have never thought his boss would go against him, and that made him feel a lot was in this. 

The doctor watched Lumi walk out of the room and he moved closer to Luta to check his pulse. He brought a torch and worked at pulling apart Luta's lids. He came with a clipboard and was asking series of questions; his eyes on Luta's face as he threw a question and then back on the sheet clipped to his board, putting in the perfect answers. 

Ayo on the other end, walked around the room. Right behind the dispenser, he found a recorder with a blue light, pointing that the device was active. He picked it up with a smile as he found his way around Lumi's trick. He felt his boss would have been way smarter by now, but he wasn't too disappointed. 

He knew Lumi was trying to get him and Luta to talk. He was grateful the doctor was in. 

He returned the recorder off and went back to see what the doctor was up to.