Thoughts came heavier than blocks on weak feet. He would break!  No, he would die!  No, something terrible would happen. No!  

Back and forth, Luta's head kept creeping up to him painting vivid pictures, and he was left wondering what might have happened. 

Wheeled into the ambulance, the clicking sound of the stretcher belt came off sooner than expected. He watched himself being carried up into the ambulance. A bald man with a big, green, nose-mask, sent the door flying apart, while two men hauled him in.

His weight; he felt the struggle. Those men, famished or on a fast or just weak. He felt they weren't fit for the job. They looked like experts, but experts wouldn't have issues lifting him into the elevator. 

His stretcher came against the walls of the open door and Pow! He was on the floor again. 

The belt held him back to the carrier as he grunted in pain, too weak to say a word. His eyes hurt as he managed to get his vision clear. 

The lights from the bulbs attached to the prowl car parked outside his car trapped him as he got lost in thoughts again, figuring all that had happened. The voices of the men who had tried helping him up woke up his consciousness. 

"Don't try to talk!" The bald man warned, his finger against his lips, as Luta struggled with his lips vibrating. 

Everything slowed down and soon, he was  on his back. In a swift, he was in the ambulance again and was being taken away. 

Back at the scene were five police officers standing around. A photographer was taking pictures with his light doing the signatory. 

They created a barrier and sealed the exact flat for further notice. 

The ambulance should stop soon, but it never did. This was meant to be an emergency, but it was taking too long for Luta. 

The whole scene came back rushing, and his head was aloft, giving him the latest gist of his happening. 

How Ayo hit him- He envisioned Ayo's hands going up and his knees sagging. He wondered why he was hit, but was too weak to give an account. 

The doctors wouldn't even allow it. 

He listened to the medical personnel as he discussed how the bus needed to move faster. They talked about his injury and who the attacker might be. Right there was another police officer, watching his dark eyes heavily laden with curiosity, as he managed to keep his hands very close to his jaw. 


The big and beeping machine said a lot about the atmosphere than the smell of pills and the waterbags hanging off metal stakes. 

Tara kept smiling as she crushed the hands of her first brother in hers. Her small lips had gone white, and she looked smaller than she had ever been. 

Precious watched, not saying a word. The stress had weighed her down more than the bills and she couldn't wait one more week to get her sister out of there. 

She wasn't ready to rely on the account of the accident, but she was sure about becoming a better sister after this. 

The guilt and all she felt, her emotions running out of turns as her reflex denied her over again. 

She was tired, worn out and had greatly reduced in weight. It was visible. Her eyes bagged with stress and her hair looked unkempt. 

She tucked the hair sneaking off her black cap back in, and checked to see if her hair was totally covered. 

Half past six, she checked her wrist and looked up to exhale. The call she had anticipated all moment came in. 

She motioned to her oldest brother and declared her motive to leave. 

She moved across the room, all eyes on her, then grabbed her bag, unzipped and pulled it open, her hands leveraging strength on one handle as the bag was full. 

She was quick to pull out her wallet. She unzipped it and took a breath-taking look at all that she had in it. 

Precious kept at the honk, navigating through the busy traffic. Who would believe this? 

She felt it was all wrong for Ayo to go see Afolabi, but she was more mad at the fact that she was bypassed. 

She wanted to tell Ayo few things he needed to know before the meeting- how to keep himself together, and how not to spill his weakness over a cup of cold water. 

Maybe or Maybe not, she could be too late. 

Twenty minutes more, the timer declared. The traffic wasn't loosening up a bit and she got more furious, caused a lot of commotion and finally got trapped in it all. She hit a Sienna on its bumper and right in her front, hell broke loose. The driver was just a driver and he showed off all he had as per skills- first by jumping off the bonnet of her car, with his towel falling off his neck.