Moved beyond thoughts, Ayo found it hard to move his feet. He battled with his thoughts as things were getting clamped down and his emotions weren't going to take it. The kind of person he was, the kind of life he had lived, what he wanted didn't matter anymore. All that did matter was the murder case and his job. 

He was going to get to the end of this.

Not so much of an easy departure he had with Daniel as they left for their separate ways. The fact that his wife was pregnant made him want to rush home to check up on her, but he held the wheels like he had been charmed, and pulled away instead of heading home. He was on the move to meet the one woman whom he had always prayed for extra moments with. 

Yes, he was married and was cheating in a way or two. If cheating could be defined by giving more unnecessary attention to another woman and not his wife, then in his head he was. But this was even more. 


Some minutes to 2pm came the report from the admin in charge of promotion, Blue TV. It landed on Mariam's desk as she planned to get up for a cup of hot coffee. 

There were a few workmates in the office, so it was easy for her to go back and forth her workroom. 

She looked away from her desk. Brimo, the messenger, was obviously waiting for Mariam to snatch the note from his hands, while dodging her crazy gaze. 

They had issues in times past. As a result of Mariam's friendly nature, Brimo had misused his place around her.

"What's in it?" Mariam asked. Her hands moved as she attempted collecting the note. 

Brimo gave her the 'check it yourself' kind of look. 

Mariam said no word more.  She collected the note. Before she glanced through, Brimo's voice came at her. 

"From SP." 

Without much decoding, Mariam knew that it was from the officer in charge of promotions. 

She stood up slowly after she had checked the note. Instead of going for the coffee, she went to the backroom; the only place she could find her attached cameraman, Emma, who was so short that she had hard times finding him. She spotted him with his laptop watching stuff online, while some other guys with cameras stood around conversing. Some were doing some editing and some others were trying to get their cameras fixed. 

She pulled him out, thus making him entrust his laptop with someone else. In the lobby, she said to him,

"SP just called for me to submit a list for promotion. I should nominate at least two." 

Emma swallowed hard, knowing how much the head officer in charge of promotions had been trying to get to Mariam, and how hard she had been resisting him. 

"No!" Mariam shook her head. "I have not started seeing him," she added, then watched Emma smile. 

"I only wanted you to know how to behave, okay?" She reached his shoulder with ease. She wanted him to know she had forgiven him of his wrongs, and was ready to make peace with him again.

"Will you come over to my place for dinner?" She shared a gaze with him, one deep enough to recreate a unique atmosphere for love, but he was married and she didn't even have a thing for him. 

He nodded in agreement and gave a sigh. She let him get away and walked back to get her coffee. That was just a major part of her life. Come to work, take coffee, play video games, watch movie series, go to the mosque, and have fun with whom she felt would push her to a limit of satisfaction at any moment. Her thing with guys was commitment. She had met a lot, got screwed by a lot and had never been lucky to meet a good one. This made her give up on having anything serious with guys, so she was a bit picky with who would get into her bed, when and why. She was not the sex type, but her belief was tied to the 'Pleasure sometimes' principle. 

Emma sat close to his laptop, his hands on his jaw as he waited anxiously for a call to come through. The call came in three minutes later. He silenced his phone and moved to the restroom attached to the backroom, a brown envelope in his hands. 

His eyes moved quickly, end to end as he picked up instructions from the caller.  

"She just came over now...  Yes... I spoke with her...  It worked...  She nominated me and that's a good one... OK... " He paused as he took time to check the number on the envelope with him. 

"H157FY" He read aloud. 

"That's the file name. OK! The promotion should happen between now and next week, but before then, I would shake her up tonight. She invited me." He whisked as he listened, and after a while he ended the call. 

He made another call again. 

"Yes... Tonight!" He passed on the brief message, then ended the call.