Ayo took his time out in one corner of the monitoring room with one other executive. To his right, Laye Makinde, the thick inspector who took down the Wallet Group two years ago. He was familiar with criminal cases like this. Three years ago, he took down a cocaine group who went on rampage, and killed five of their rich clients when money got in on them. Same Laye made sure they all went behind bars with the help of just one suspect. He made a chain and linked them up. Fortunately, Ayo was his assistance who helped out with the questioning. 

Laye was in a blue blazer and white shirt. A blue lanyard ran across his neck into his pocket. A long, fat red tie dangled down his neck. The gray hair on his head gave hints of his age. He was sitting on the long table facing the large monitor that gave the room access to the interrogation room. 

An earpiece sank in his ear as he crossed his hands against his chest, waiting. Daniel, on the other side, pulled an arm chair backward. A tiny earpiece was fixed in his ear, and the clip holding a mouthpiece was hooked to his well-starched blue shirt, shielded by his suit. They wanted to give Luta the impression that he wasn’t being watched. 

Laye looked sideways, his eyes fixed on the person moving across the room towards him- Ayo. He smiled, the deep kind of smile that would have been loud if transformed into a laugh. Wrinkles came up on his face like ghosts off the artic. His weak eyes showed how long he had been on earth and in the game. He looked like one who would offer little tips but wouldn’t; not now, maybe not here. The monitors were all dead except the ones put up to watch the investigation. 

Laye had been sent by the authority to watch the case. He was to report if anything went wrong, and that would be all. Should anything go wrong, the case would be taken off, and given to another detective unknown. That was how deep corruption had eaten into the system. 

“You know I didn’t want to come.” Laye said. He took his hands off the mouthpiece on his chest. Ayo saw the light turn red. He knew it was time for some meaningful conversation. He turned his' off and sat on the same table with Laye. 

“I know this to be crime, but I don’t know what the authority wants from this.” Ayo took a deep breath. 

“It's confusing!” He continued. 

“Yeah, I know it is and if you would do me a favour, get to the root of all this.”

Ayo shook his head, his eyes strained as he faced the monitor. “I will.” He said firmly, watching Daniel go on with the conversation. 

“And why didn’t you take the interrogation?” 

Ayo smiled. His heartbeat was normal beside Laye, the only man who could get into your head without permission. It never occurred to Ayo whether it was another set up to have him fixed. The fact that he once worked with Laye as a boy who was learning to play the game, made him feel he would never be betrayed. 

“I saw the suspect as a person.”

“That’s not professional.” Laye chirped in quickly. 

“I know. I had to. I felt I had to relate with him personally like you taught me sometime one October…”

Laye slipped unconsciously back into the memory lane. The coming October would make it five years that he met the only human who made him lose his mind, fixed him and made him cry again- the pretty angel who was involved in a murder case. Ayo was always running from room H5 to the old monitor room everyday. Then, Laye took the case on a personal level. He took the pretty princess out on dates and Ayo in person, was the one who would always help Laye deliver flowers to her on the weekends. 

She died that same year, November. She committed suicide when she got bored of the whole call up and freedom wasn’t sure.

Ayo coughed. Laye was long lost in thought. He wasn’t ready to miss the whole interrogation so he turned on his mouthpiece. 

“I am with you,” he said, “look into his eyes and make him feel like he can trust you with the truth.” He said again then took a deep breath. He had just fucked up. Emotions and relationship made him discuss the wrong topic with the wrong person. Laye was with the authority, and he would report that Ayo was meeting the suspect personally, not acting as an officer, when he had not even been licensed to do undercover. Watching the interrogation wasn’t necessary anymore for Laye. He already got what he wanted. 

  Ayo sat patiently, his fingers leveraging a grip onto the edge of the table as he listened to Daniel question Luta. They were not getting anywhere with it. Luta was giving them positive replies where they needed negatives and sharp negative replies where they needed positives. 

“Ermmm…” Laye took his eyes off his wrist and touched himself. 

“I don’t think watching you is necessary. I can make my reports to the authority with what I have.” Laye said. That savage smile took route off the side of his lips and he didn’t say a word more till he was out of the monitoring room. The door slamming close brought Ayo back into reality, as he shrugged to put together his shattered mind. He was going to lose his work, the case and his place.