Monday morning looked like every other Monday morning with activities going on in the prison and prisoners being charged with checks. 

Prison rooms were being evacuated and guards were asked to get in  to check stuffs out. 

A new chief warden would be brought to head the district prison and a count had to be made to keep people in check and to do a proper handing over. 

The former head had been charged with embezzlement and wrong usage to the resources in his possession, both human and material. 

He was accused to several cases like Theft and collateral Damage, so huge that his removal was unavoidable. 

A meeting had been held to decide his case and his removal or transfer had been decided. 

He was too powerful to be relieved his rank but a transfer would work. 

Luta moved in chains along the long corridor. Two guards ahead of him and three behind him as they intended to keep him in check. It was the protocol, the corridor would guarantee prisoners the access to free tones of other prisoners so they had to be guarded through. Luta as a person had attempted so many break outs and his violence, though not frequent but when ever his head sparks had was always been at it's extreme.  

He looked quit and gentle but he had learnt enough behind the bars that his ability to crush bones had evolved over time and no one would ever expect his hit when approaching. 

He was out of the corridor in no time and when he got to the dinning hall, he was let loose. 

He moved in the range his chains let him and  met the fat man who gladly shoved him a plate and motioned him to go side ways. 

Another fat man with a white apron around his neck poured him the porridge and he set of a wide grin. Luta maintained his frown and  carried his food. 

His eyes moved over to table 24. He needed not to count and when he reached there he sat, his plate of food on the table and he began to eat. 

Guards moved around, watching. The guy opposite him faced his food squarely and he kept smashing the food between his jaw, his mouth generating sounds like a baby playing with water. 

Luta looked away, not angry. His chain moved down his hands and he frowned at the his marked wrist. 

The guy in front of him looked up at him their eyes made contact and the guy laid his fingers on the table. Three fingers were visible which stood for a symbol of three. Luta nodded and he kept on with his food. 

After the meal, everyone got back to their cells. The evaluation had been made and more guards have been put in way more than the warders. 

The government knew the prison was one of her major asset. From it they could get enough work force to handle their projects, be it road construction and lease out to private companies and sector for work with gains hitting their pocket largely. All they needed to spend on was food for the prisoners to prevent them from dying. 

Luta got back to cell he stayed. He was one out of the few in the prison that had a cell to himself. This was only possible if the prison was some sort of high profile prisoner or he was one who was dangerous with an history, bloody enough to paint a wall red. 

Luta checked under the foam he slept on, dust came off in the dark hitting his nose. He endured till he reached for a dark object then grinned.

No one was allowed to hold any weapon and if any was found that meant death to the prisoner. 

He folded his fingers around the body of the gun he had in his hand and raised it up to nose for a sniff. 

A bright light came through the bars catching Luta in surprise. His heart skipped a beat and in that short moment a lot raced his mind. He knew he would be executed the next day without thought and his plan to get away after his long plan breakout would be aborted knowing he was playing a major role in the breakout with his gang. 

Damn! he felt he had over looked. He felt he got too carried away with the joy of just three more days count for his plans to be executed. 

He stared blankly trapped in the range of the ray off the light unable to move the gun too far from the light. 

He had been caught red handed with a weapon. He would be executed for sure.