Would a man ever change this fast, would things get built up this fast. 

The beginning has been left for the end to take a pick on a start. 

The two brothers mended things faster and the next weekend was spent on more quality things. Family talks, pictures and all. 

Delta was quick to make up with the bills but it was easy for him with money flowing in from every angle. 

Luta not bothered about his history, ate all that came through his lips. 

He would clear a mountain of rice without flicking and he would be gulping down a glass of water in the next minute.


Some few minutes to 5pm on a Thursday evening. 

Delta passed up the last of the vegetables he had on his plate across his lips. 

He chewed hard and when he was done he cleaned his table, satisfying his consciousness. 

He was the clean type, just like his twin. 

He checked his wristwatch for the time and he grinned. 

He hands in his plate and adjusted his pompous collar with his left hand and he matched across the food joint creating so much attention. 

He dropped the plate letting the cracking sound fill the ear of the attender. She grimaced in surprise and she flashed him an healthy smile.

He was never going to tip her off. No he did. He squeezed a note into her hands as he let go of the plate. She took her hands across the table, stared at it and she returned her hands, squeezed. 

"I am fine sir." she said slightly. He took it as no insult and he let his hands down his pocket. 

He itched his nose and stomped out of the food joint, cautious of the camera. 

He went into his car slammed the door close and he dug out of his pocket the note. 

On the note was a message, politely scrambled for him. 

"Hit her and I get your brother out of prison." the note read. 

He nodded his head negatively, knowing it was one thing he wasn't ready to do in no time. 

He squeezed the note, sad and mad and he started his car engine ready to move. 

What he was tasked with was dangerous. He was asked to kill a  woman, no reason tendered. 

The fat man who had helped him arranged the meetings he always had with his brother wanted this done and it was going to be him paying him well for all the good he had done. 

But not this way. He had let his hands off blood. 

No reason, he felt he wasn't going to go back to that kind of life. For his brother sake. 

Luta made him swear that night, and he did. 

No! he shook his hands and he pulled down the little drawer attached, his car. His action had it emptied and he left everything that fell on the ground except the gun. 

He looked at it, remorsefully and he smacked his lids close. 

He was going to pull this last one for his brother. 

He picked up his phone and he scrolled through his contact list, the dim light off his lid screen, taking root on his face. 

'FAT MAN' he reached the contact and he dialed. 

"I got your note." he spilled, the moment he got the click from the other end. 

"Good!" the reply came off a bit relaxed. 

"Do I begin to process the release of your brother?"

The hush came off thick for seconds and finally, Delta responded. 

"Yes!" a swing came off nowhere and it hit him right in his heart and his head whispered to him. 

'Do you have to kill an innocent woman again!'

He ignored and he pushed on with the conversation. 

"Send me the details, fat man."

"Good of you." the voice replied. 

"Make sure it's clean as usual. Leave no fact for anyone to see" the voice added. 

The line went off and Delta dropped his phone, his hands on his forehead head as he scratched off his conscience. 

He was going to do this. 

For family, he was going to take a life to save a life.