A black car stopped in another lot. The guy in the hoodie pulled out, and slammed the door close. He checked round for the security camera. When he found none, he approved of the black Nissan beside him. He went for the lock, broke through and in minutes, he was driving out of the lot with the car. 

It was a fast one and he pulled out without notice. 


Ayo was quick with his movement. He go to the end of the street and then swung the car to the left, his leg off the accelerator as he crushed his brake back without remorse. His patience boiled out as he watched the ram move off the road. He got close enough to it. When he was sure he wouldn't hit, he smashed the accelerator again. 

He pulled out of a junction and went off to the east. He had his badge on so he could make excuses about a pursuit even if he was booked for careless driving. 

He reached the station he was to visit, then slowed down, and honked when he reached the gate. Once the gate moved apart, he moved in, locating the lot with the help of the officers who manned the gate and then, was well parked. 

He got off, his legs stretching out to kiss the floor. His shoe shone like he had it polished with the heart of the devil- Dark. 

He already called the commissioner about his visit and a meeting had already been arranged. 

He got to the reception and laid down his badge. He never wanted the story of familiarity or no familiarity. 

He just wanted to be straight, get things fixed and get out. 

The guy at the counter checked him up, and Ayo followed another officer through the hallway. 

The floor was tiled and the movement could have been noiseless if they walked barefooted. 

It was like a private part of the station. Few officers threaded that part and they seemed to be highly ranked. 

The officer stopped all of a sudden. She faced the door on her right and held on to the handle. She levelled  her strength on it and a cracking sound popped, signifying it had been opened. 

She motioned Ayo to go in. When he moved close, he whispered to her. 

"The commissioner's office." 

The officer gave a positive nod and he stepped in. 


Things looked very different, very different. He started at the fat man who managed to fit in the oversized uniform that skinned him. 

He had a dead smile, a thin framed glass on his face as he blinked frequently like one whose eyes got battered in a fight. 

Ayo finally spoke up. 

He started with a cough then spoke. 

"I actually came to see the commissioner." 

A long hush got disarmed, followed by the sound of the man relaxing in the arms of the chair. 

"I know," the man replied. 

"Can I see him now?"

"The commissioner you know has been transferred." 

"But..." Ayo pushed, he stammered hard as he tired to put facts together. 

"I spoke...  we... sp... o... ke... e... e... We spoke like 30 minutes back."

"It takes two minutes to certify a transfer." The new commissioner blurted. 

"I guess you came for a reason," he added. His eyes bloomed as he waited Ayo to go up to eating his bait. That came sooner than he'd expected. 


The commissioner picked up the bundle of cash Ayo had dropped. He let it in his drawer after he had counted. He pulled a call through and let out some messages, then he ended the call. 

Ayo wanted to get notes to move Luta out of the secure system he worked for him. His motive was to make Luta free and untouchable. He knew it would be dangerous if he was left in the hands of the police to be guarded; the same set of people who never saw Daniel get killed. 

Ayo knew an insider had hands to do with it all and it would be hard to trust an insider with the only reason why things where getting the heat. 

He wanted the game and was going to play it with all he had. 

Ayo pulled out of the lot this time and headed towards the driveway. He was going to get the final clearance that would get rid of all the police placed to man Luta and that would be all. 

He was going to check his health status and see if he was fit to disappear. 

After then, he would get back to the hospital where Daniel's corpse was said to be laid in wait. 


The guy in hoodie had the black Nissan  parked miles away from a waterfall. He already had the car's engine off and was ready to reignite off at any moment. 

He picked up his phone as the buzz came in and spoke directly into the mouthpiece. 

"He just let our cat out of the bag."

"You mean Luta is in our light?" 

"Yeah!" He replied the voice. 

"I would take him down once I get the signal to. He is down to check Daniel's corpse," he added. 

"OK! We have just two hours left. Get him off our list," the voice instructed. 


"And Luta...?" The voice came up again, like something had been left unsaid. 

"Kill him too."