Daniel stood in the dark for over ten minutes, his patience going back and forth. 

The kiosk had no one in it and he needed to speak to someone. He stayed for a few more minutes and a blue Benz came through. 

It stopped right in front of the shop. The side door flew open in a push and a woman stepped out. 

He knew her from her afar. Taking time to study a lot of Mary's pictures made him feel like he had known her for so long. 

He adjusted his sleeves as he watched her move over to the driver's window. The old man in the car delivered a soft kiss on her cheek and mumbled some unclear words in her ear. She chuckled and hit him slightly on his shoulder. He shrugged and after a while, waved and drove off. 

Holding her bag in her hands, she crossed the road and gazed angrily, as she saw her shop empty with no one supervising. 

She had called her first daughter to come open up and wondered what the exact kind of demon that had decided to eat her flesh up was. She would be dead. 

She stomped into the kiosk with so much anger that her  body movement dropped things down. 

She sat on one of the stools and faced the shelf that hosted beverages. She could see signs that her daughter was around and was probably out to use the toilet, or gone somewhere else so important. But she could still have closed the door. 

She folded her arms against her chest and dropped it almost immediately, her hands going for the salesbook. She was halfway crosschecking when a shadow came over her. 

She looked up in fear, ready to run. She had cold water poured on her nerves as she met with the beautiful smile of the young man who stood in front of her. 

"Good evening," she greeted with so much politeness. She found it easy to roll with customers. "What do you want, sir?" She asked again. 

No words except actions came up. 

Daniel was busy with his wallet and patiently, she waited for the big cash. 

She was a bit disappointed and frowned when something else came up instead. 

'A picture? What's that for?' She thought. 

"I need your help," Daniel said. His face straightened as he gave up all that was to a smile. 

He was a stranger to her and she felt no threat to quiver. She was going to roar and fight this. 

"I need your help," Daniel said again. 

She looked at him this time, her nose flaring. 

"I don't know what you mean," she replied. 

Daniel turned over the little picture he had on her table and made her see what he had against her. 

"That's the picture of the man who just dropped you. He is not your husband and no one should know about this, should they?" He smiled, watching her reaction: the way she quivered. 

He reached for his badge and dropped it on the table again. 

"I am also a police officer and I know you stay in the flat next to Debbie. I can also rope you up in her death. I am the officer in charge of her investigation." 

She let go of her heavy breath as she listened. 

Her hands were against her head as she felt the headache. This was trouble knocking at her door, real trouble. 

"What do you want?" She asked. 

"We can't start that way."

"How do we start?" She replied. 

"Get me a seat," Daniel said. His hands went into his wallet again as he sought out Luta's picture. 

A dark-skinned, chubby girl walked right into them while Daniel was still standing. 

Mary stood up and got caught in Daniel's gaze. She lowered her height and rolled her eyes. 

Daniel faced the girl, knowing who she was. He had seen her leave the shop and he knew she would be Mary's daughter. 

"Go play somewhere girl. Your mum will call you soon," Daniel said to her. 

She looked over to her mum and got a positive nod. She knew down that a lot was wrong, but her mum wanted her away, and then she goes with no option in her ring. 

She stepped back and moved faraway. Her mother watched her fade away into the dark night. 

Daniel pushed the picture at Mary and asked,

"Do you know her?" His fingers fitting into each other. 

"Yes!" Mary said.

Daniel flashed a smile back. This wasn't what he expected and now it was getting sweet. 

"How come? Where?" Daniel asked.

"The night Debbie was murdered..."


Daniel moved back across the lawn, his emotions off the string and his head bursting with a lot of stories. He would run mad if he passed the night without letting all he had in his head down on a sheet. 

He felt she was lying with all she said back then. But the truth was clear, and this showed as the largest proof that LUTA was involved in this murder. 

He got to his car and yanked his door opened. His legs in, he stayed a distance from his accelerator. When he was totally in, he slammed his door close. 

He pulled against his seatbelt, and the rush off the left side of his got his attention. 

Some came off quicker than his eyes could picture, and it smashed violently against his side window.