Ayo didn't wait for it to be day break when he busted out of the clinic. He already had an appointment fixed with the laboratory, and had already told Daniel to hook him up two hours later. 

The traffic held him down a bit but was able to break off. When he got to the laboratory, all the necessary documents were placed in front of him to sign. 

Sweat forging around his forehead, his hands moved swiftly across the papers and he was done grassing his signature on two, before he thought of reading the third one which looked strange. 

It was okay by him and he whisked. He put them through to the IT guy working with the force, and also gave up a link to the IT department, which could guarantee sophisticated and up-to-date data.That was rejected. 

The expert at the laboratory told them better documents could be sourced and that they only needed a license to make sure their works weren't illegal.

Ayo gave in and he was told to be back in days. They told him they would give him a call before he would ever need the results. 

Right outside the laboratory, he forwarded a call to the the clinic that housed Luta and checked on him.

He was said to be fine. That felt satisfactory. He took his car and once again, he was on the road. He had missed breakfast and that told on him not too long since his stomach was pulling his strings the hard way. He was forced to get fried yam in the traffic. Before it was 10, he was back at his office. 

He walked straight past Daniel's car in the lot and soon went in to see his assistant. 

About the case, Daniel found it hard to believe all what Ayo was telling him. 

"Lumi is seriously on this and I think it's all about the money." Ayo explained bitterly. "There is no escape route. The commissioner should be in this too for a reason unknown. But whatever it is, we should hit the root of this." Ayo said. 

Daniel took a deep breath. He must have been watching for too long and now he needed to talk. het lifted his hands off his table and adjusted his sleeves. 

"What about the demon you went to see?" Daniel asked. 

"Oh! Him. We needed someone more powerful on our side and Afolabi seems to be the only big fish who doesn't want the boy dead. We need to buy time, get what this is about and see which of the cracks we are going to fix?"

Daniel, enjoying the discussion felt it was understanding now. 

"D.P.O. can't come in on us plainly, you know. A good lawyer will help us push this to court, but no matter what, we need facts to come out plain." 

"I know. I already told the laboratory to do more tests. We need to be sure who did all the killings." 

"I think the boy is involved." Daniel said. 

Ayo looked up to the ceiling and fresh juice popped; the man he had seen, the one who looked like Luta. 

"And I found someone who looked like him this morning while coming home," Ayo said. Daniel looked closely like he wanted more of the story. His hands were against the armchair as he pulled closer.

"But I think it's my head playing on me. He was supposed to be in the clinic. I left him in the clinic so I don't expect he was the one playing out in the street," Ayo said. 

"Did you check up with the receptionist?"

"Yes, I did. They never spotted him leave. I think it's just my head. I would be careful not to overthink behind the wheels again," Ayo said. 

Daniel took a deep breath. He adjusted his tie and reclined on his chair. 

"Daniel! You need to do me a favour." 

Daniel gave up on his loose face. He straightened up and got himself ready for the task. 

"Visit the witness with Luta's picture and check if they saw him at all the scenes. We should not let sentiment make us defend his ass. We really need to know if we are keeping him to get the rest of his teammates, or we are guarding him because he is innocent," Ayo said. 

Daniel rubbed his forehead as he dropped a nod. 

"OK!" Daniel said briefly. 


Daniel stopped his car outside an old building and climbed down, placing his long legs on the tarred road. 

He slammed the car door close, as he touched his pocket. An air of relief came off as his badge confidently hung on his waist. 

He scanned around, sure he had not arrived at the wrong street and hit the sidewalk. 

He moved rapidly across the lawn. After a while, he took a bend. He looked back at his car and again, his face was back on the road. Keeping his destination in mind, he followed the map he had in his head. Soon, he spotted a kiosk with a lantern in front of it, hanging from a height and giving light to the kiosk. 

He was in search of a certain Mary. One who stayed in the next flat to the late Debbie. 


Someone came out the dark, hood on. 

He took a few steps towards a parked car. He watched it closely and noticed he had missed the driver. 

He took off his hood angrily and ducked the gun he had with him in his pocket. 

He had a thick Afro haircut and his brown eyes reflected the slightest ray. 

He unlocked his phone and touched the screen briskly. A call went through. He reached his ear with the phone. 

"He is not there," he said in a haste.  

"He will be back. Wait and put him down," the voice said. 

"OK!" He replied. 

"Be clean!" The instruction came again. He nodded and ended the call. He reached for his car and pulled back into the dark, ready to take down his prey.