Ayo sat back in the dark room some few minutes to ten. He had heard several rushes in the lobby and times without number, he had gone out with his gun concealed by his jacket. 

It was always a dying man on a stretcher, or a boy on a wheel with an attached drip stand and nurses. 

He would return and sink back into his chair waiting for Luta to waken, but that moment never came soon. The doctor had him drugged so he could sleep well and rest, and had also told him it would last for five hours or more. 

That never gave them the time to talk. 

The cold was cutting deeper than ever this time and Ayo was forced to get his legs off the cold floor, his arms around his legs in a cold hug. He embraced himself with the whole of his emotion laid out before him. 

His jaw on his knees and gently, he closed his eyes and stayed battling with thoughts. 

The whole case and Precious popped up. Yes! She! He reached out for his phone and felt his hands freezing out. Right then, he spotted an open window. He moved across the room and reached for the window. He shut out the rest of the world from the room. 


Daniel took his kettle off the gas cooker. The whistling still went on. He reached out to turn off the cooker and his phone buzzed. He stretched and picked it up to his eye level. The contact, 'Boss1' spelt no other person than Ayo. There was no need for urgency. He poured the hot water in a mug cup and grabbed a packet of green tea, let out a bag and left its string hanging down the edge of the mug. 

"Hello," he said into the mouthpiece, after he had swiped the phone icon on his screen to the left as he picked up his cup. 

"Hey!" The voice came off. 

"I just wanted to tell you that we should see very early tomorrow." The voice added. 

"Like when?" Daniel replied, his voice was still and he took a quick sip.

"Before dawn, right?" Daniel said again. 

"Yeah!" The voice said. It was final and rigid. 

Daniel felt the voice from the other end die out and dropped his phone. 

He faced his tea as he tried to stir it a bit more. He then dropped the wet tea bag into the sink, picked up his phone and stomped out of his kitchen. 

He had to do his calculation over again, and have something tangible to present to Ayo tomorrow. 


The ceiling fan blades kept Precious awake. Anytime she tried to slip back into the arms of sleep, she got stopped by the noise from the blades. 

A little bit disturbed, she felt it was weird having the fan on in the thick cold. She loved it that way still. 

She wanted to stay awake but her body wanted sleep at the same time. 

She took her legs off the blanket and moved across the room. Her finger pushed against the switch and the light went on. 

She took out her laptop, plugged on the cables and sat well on her bed. 

She couldn't believe all that was happening; Afolabi having Ayo in his office.

It went out this way and she felt it wasn't right. 

Ayo already appeared to Luta not as a detective, so the plan was to bring Precious in as the detective. A fake ID had been planned and Daniel would be brought in by Ayo to conceal the whole issue. 

The main goal was to protect Luta. Ayo agreed so he could have more leverage and enough time to understand what was really happening. Daniel had to cooperate to make things work out. 

They had legal papers signed. Precious was placed on some sort of fee so she could give up consultation, and pass the role to another lawyer who would help her patch things up with her clients. That was going to be stressful but she had no choice. She would now have to pull up meetings with her clients and tell them who they would be seeing, while they would trust her to bring someone responsible and trustworthy. 

If anyone raised the brow, she'd drop the client like a bad habit. 

She scratched deep into her hair with her plans well laid out. Easy? No! This was going to be tough for her.